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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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30-storey hotel built in just 15 days
Distance Learning helps to become a True Professional
Distance learning - good option for housewives and working women
Customs and Etiquette: When Traveling to India

The Importance of DNS and IP Address
Oranges Can Prevent Heart Attacks
Eating orange is better than vitamin pills

Fenugreek helps keep winter cold at bay
Emotional or sentimental stories
Wahiba sands - Oman
Kamath Inspires: WILL WE LET GO
Eat less, take coffee for better memory
New diabetic drug " Victoza "

DASA -2012-2013 Direct Admission of Students Abroad
What is Remote sensing
Bread may actually be good for you
Eating berries may lower Parkinsonís risk

Oman tourist spot-Al Mazara or Wadi Dayqah Dam -
Singer Usha Uthup
Scientists find the secret to a long, indulgent life
Scientists find aging gene is linked to immunity
Key to a happy life is to sleep on the left side of the bed

Tips on hanging artworks in your house

Free Autocad Training?
Outsourcing AutoCAD Drafting Services

Guinness Book: World's shortest women
Can proteins in blood predict early death?
Comic character Suppandi
Why AutoCAD is Popular Architectural & Construction Industry?


Malaysia - Explore the Splendid Tourist Attractions
Tips for a successful singapore to kuala lumpur trip
Create your own Blog

Free online tuitions
Is it worth buying an old house

Picking A Color Scheme for Your Home Improvements
Decorating Your House on a Budget

Fitness Related articles
Chicken and eggs can boost memory
CycleBeads: Novel birth control tool
Knocking out Procastination
What is Insomnia?

Kamath Inspires: RAIN BOW
Top 5 Anti-Ageing Foods
Institute develops cheap insulin pump
Foot care may save diabetics from amputation
Pregnant women at risk from high street coffee

The king and his four wives
The power of a gesture
Astrology related sites
NRI Resources

How to get back your hacked hotmail account
Bamboo flooring :Construction tips & Concepts
Stairlift :Construction tips & Concepts
Fish a day keeps diabetes away

Cooking: Masala Vada
Avoid keeping meat in fridge
Bariatric surgery bringing hope for diabetics

Keeping secrets
10,000 PhDs to be absorbed every year
IIT-Kanpur gets credits for Jugnu's success
Cooking: Mutta ( Egg) Thoran

Laddu enters Guinness World Records
1,000-metre-long flag in loyalty march for HM in Sohar
The importance of greetings
What is a Spiritual Lifestyle?
Brahma Kumari's Raja Yoga Meditation

Is cheese better than butter for heart health?
World Diabetes Day : 14th November

Padmasree K.J.Yesudas
The Key to Happiness
Rocket Woman' propels India's missile mission

Cure for insomnia could be on the cards
World Hello Day : November 21
Send Free SMS to any where in the World  from your mobile
Free SMS ( Short Message Services )
Chewing gum can help you to reduce weight

Top foods for boosting immunity
Civil service Exam 2012 : General studies get a makeover
IES- Indian Engineering services

How to prevent hypoglycemia
CTET- Central Teacher Eligibility Test
Sabarimala Darshan:  online booking
Sabarimala - Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

GSB- Gowda Saraswath Brahmins

Inspiration: FOUR SEASON
Magnets help fight prostate cancer
God is one and God is great
Exercise best medicine for chronic disease

Miss World 2011
Kamath Inspires: I LOVE YOU
Kamath inspires: What Is The Truth ?
Biography: Bupen Hazarika
Science: Botany
, Chemistry , Maths , Physics  

Courses & Careers: Forest Management
Courses in Foreign Languages
Google offers free website for Small business
List of Games


Interview with IAS Topper
Halloween Pumpkin Carving pictures!
Indians invent laser test to identify fake whisky
Women prefers male bosses

Cranberry Juice is good Urinary tract
Tomatoes a day keep heart diseases away, says study
Tomato Ketchup, Juice can cut Cholesterol Levels finds Finnish Study
3 cups of coffee a day presumably keep skin cancer away

Spirituality helps cure illness
Scientists make human blood protein from rice
October 1: World Vegetarian Day

Civil Services Examination 2012
Should you quit taking vitamins?
Son builds a Rs 5 crore memorial for his mother
Civil Engineering Courses in India
House Plans,  House Loans,  Real Estate,

Vaasthu Shastra, Construction Tips
Interior Design, Property Buying Tips,
Renting Tips
Question Papers of various Exams

Breast cancer link to small amount of alcohol
How to find a File extension?

CAT 2011 unplugged: No surprises in the exam
Asha Bhosle enters Guinness Records
Beware bottle gourd, if juice is bitter
Royal Opera House, Muscat
System to track schoolchildren
Students need healthy breakfast, lunch

Bihar youth wins Rs. 5 crore jackpot on 'Kaun Banega Crorepati 5'
Junk food damages sperm in young men

Tips to keep your eyes healthy
What ails the IITs ?
Teenagers need  to sleep more
Yoghurt consumption curbs heart disease
Seven things to live up to 100 years

Biography: Colonel Gaddafi
Management Tip: How to make it to the top
Malayalam Novelist Kakkanadan died

100-year-old Fauja Singh sets Guinness record
All about Voice Recognition
Nothing is impossible
Winning formula of life

Formula 1 Grand Prix
World Osteoporosis Day-October 20
World's 10 biggest employers
What is osteoporosis?
World's Top 10 Universities

Motivation: Dropouts who made it big
Five foods to to boost your mood
What not to do at interview

Crossing legs after a stroke signals recovery
Pregnant Mother runs marathon and delivers baby
Tips to regain control of your life
NRIs should plan their return to home
History Mystery
Heal sinusitis naturally
Magic bullet `to detect early cancers`

How to Tell a Joke?
Cancer Symptoms You Are Most Likely to Ignore
Toastmaster Success Stories
What is Reverse Mortgage?

Ten places to see before you die

Apple CEO Steve Jobs dies
Does antivirus software protect your PC from hackers?
Video editing for beginners

Boy shot dead as friend uses real pistol as toy
Living and Growing Old with Dignity
Grape skin compound can halt breast cancer

Chanda Kochhar first woman to get ET Biz Leader Award

World's cheapest tablet launched

Property Buying Tips
Stan Lee's Superhumans
Tips for first time leaders
Warren Buffet - Interesting Aspects of His Life
Narayana Murthy's mail ?

Seven Wonders Of The World
International Day of Older Persons - 1 October

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