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L.Srikumar Pai
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Nothing is impossible

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Columnists: Sangeetha Sridhar, Dr.Rajan Philips, Hasan Kamoonpuri, Dr.Ramesh Kamath

Nothing is impossible if you made up your mind. It has been rightly said that one is a product of once thinking.


L.Nayak: I thought it is worth to share with you, a piece from the history from my native place, karkala, which is real a story, did happened in the 14th century.
Around 600 years ago my home town Karkala & neighboring place Mudabedrae were being ruled by Jain kings which are 20 km apart. This Jain dynasty was so well in Tulunadu on those days & people were quite comfortable & happy.
Veera Pandya was the emperor of Karkala & he is famous for his bravery from child hood. Mudabedrae was part Devaraj Wodeyar’s kingdom. Both the Jain kings were in good terms. They decided to set up a huge statue of Bahubali. The carving of the statue started at Mudabedrae. This huge statue is 42 feet height from foot to head above the ground & around 20 feet below the ground so that it will stand intact for years. The whole statue has beautifully been carved from one single stone & weighing much more than 40 Tons.

The carving of the statue went well at Mudabedrae. Once the statue of Bahubali is completed, problem started. King Devaraj wanted Bahubali at his kingdom. However Veera pandya wanted at his place as per his ancestors wish. These good friends ended up with a minor argument. All the diplomatic efforts of Veera Pandya failed, in sorting out the issue.
Somehow Devaraj wanted the statue to be installed at his kingdom. His mind did not permit to say goodbye to this beautiful statue. He puts the condition that, if, Veera pandya can take the statue out of Mudabedrae boundary in one night, it will go to karkala & if he fails to do that it will be installed back at Mudabedrae. He added further that all the activity should be started after the sun set & will have to stop well before the sun rise. He cannot do the road also in advance. The statue should not damage in any way during transportation.

The brave king Veera Pandya accepted all the conditions with a sweet Smile on his face.  Devaraj did smiled by nodding his head, because he was sure that Veera will fail in this mission.

Veera Pandya returns to his palace & called a meeting with the key people within his kingdom. He informs them about the issue and asks them to do a detailed step by step plan so that they can execute the task successfully. After thorough brain storming, they arrived at a conclusion & detailed step by step plan. As per the plan the powerful army & elephants are not at all enough. They will have to take the support from civilians. The different teams have been identified for different activities. The full fledged preparations started with anxiety.

Affable king Veera Pandya, a multifarious personality with positive mental attitude, addressed to the people of the kingdom, by asking a question “do you want the Bahubali in our kingdom or not?” Everyone expressed their wish; that they wanted Bahubali right in their place-Karkala. King continued further & said we will bring the statue here & we will collectively win this mission. He urged the whole hearted support from each & every individual. Enthralled by king’s speech, People promised the support in all the ways.  Veera fixes the date & communicates it to Devaraj.

There were no roads, cranes, trailers, electricity & not even communication facilities developed on those days. The way between the two small kingdoms is full of hills, forest & rocks. The statue needs to be transported around 8 KM manually. 8 km distance looks quite small in today’s technologically advance world. But on those days they will have to pull the statue manually at night through the hilly forest by making the way simultaneously.

Finally the day has come & as per the pre-plan the mission started once the sun set. People & army worked together with zeal & enthusiasm in different teams. The Road making team did the way for the statue by cutting the trees, moving the rocks etc. at night. They pulled the statue manually by keeping sand bags in the bottom so that it won’t damage.  The sand bags were been re-used for the ongoing journey. Wherever required they took the help from elephants. Only water has been served to the people throughout the night as per plan.  The determined people & armed forces continued the work whole night indefatigably.  The statue could cross boundary by 5 AM in the early morning. The statue halted around 200m away from the boundary line by 5.30AM. There was a huge celebration in the early morning by everyone without breakfast on the spot. Everyone was still enthusiastic without dinner, sleep & accompanied by a hard work throughout the night. The King congratulates everyone & gives the credit to the people & army for an indefatigable Victory. That was the lifetime achievement for the civilians & army as well. Everyone felt that they have achieved something great in their life.

As the massage goes to King Devaraj in the early morning; he laughed at once & started to the site. By looking at the statue, which is far away from his boundary line which has been marked earlier & without even a single scratch, he was speechless. He just returned back.  

Later on the Monolithic statue of Bahubali has been installed, on a rocky hill of Karkala on Feb-13-1432. This rocky hill has been popularly called today as Gomateshwara betta. Upon installation & for converting the impossible thing into possible, King Veera pandya honored with the title Abhinava Chamundaraya.  Karkala got the name pandya nagary on those days. The name Abhinava Chamundaraya can be written in golden letters in the history of karkala. Abhinava Chamundaraya is memorable for generations. Later on, in 1434 this king installed Brahma sthambha in front of Bahubali.
Friends this beautiful statue is the icon in the town. Anyone who visits to Karkala or even south canara district, your visit is not at all complete unless you visit to this rocky hill where Bahubali is standing from 579 years.

To conclude, can we appreciate the positive & creative mental attitude of this King to execute so called impossible mission in a planned manner?

During 14th century king Abhinava Chamundaraya, so called Veera Pandya proved nothing is impossible & he taught a lesson to the whole world for generations to come.

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