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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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Guinness Book: The Longest Cooking Marathon
Reality Television

Guinness Book: Largest Number of People Playing Chess
Determination – a key to success
Genetic Engineering

NRI can remit $1 mn from property sales
Elder People can cope better with stress
Garlic reduces risk of arthritis

Tea can prevent weight gain
Protect your stocks from rate spikes
Taking Snacks at your keyboard makes you eat more
Heart patients watch out, winter can be deadly

Texting before going to bed 'affects sleep, mood'
Saina nehwal - A short biography

A cure for baldness?
A university to teach laughter
Long-duration space flight 'is bad for the bones'

NITC Alumni UAE Chapter SUVARNA RAGAM 2011

Scientists find way to cure diabetes?
A robot to wash and dry your hair!
3G mobile service may be prone to cyber attacks
Child labour-A General view
Motivation: The Change and The kings of the poor

Motivation: Turtle vs Rabbits
Sun exposure with vitamin D can reduce cancer risk
Spoonful of honey boosts energy
Coffee with sugar is good for memory

Eating Orange, carrots Linked to Longer Life
Help your heart with a spoonful or two of vinegar a day
Low-glycemic-index diet

The Haj and its global goals
Beetroot  juice promotes brain health
World's tallest idol of Lord Hanuman, Shimla
High heels can injure you!

Almonds can stave off infections
Say goodbye to wrinkles with ‘vampire filler’!
Online Free educational  Resources
Online Study- Guidelines
Coming soon: A cure for common cold?
How to prepare and win a Speech Contest

Tips on Public Speaking 
All India Bar Examination ( AIBE) 
No age limit for acquiring knowledge
Incredible Person - Ankit Fadia
Narayanan Krishnan -
A Man who served more than 1.2 million meals to India's homeless

Chile Mine Rescue – The full story
The Sword of Damocles
- the story
Little Tabalist Keshave
Proverbial wisdom
Toastmasters-A club to improve communication/leadership skills

Resting laptop on legs can damage skin
Retirement : What kind of life do you want to live
Venturing to get something out of nothing!
NRI Investing- Common Queries answered
UPSC all Examination Question papers- 2010
UPSC all Examination Question papers- 2009

Sleep box- New not afraid if you don't get a room in a Hotel.
Red onions help you stay hale and hearty
Festivals: Navaratri /Durga Pooja / Dussera
A funny story: Mild attack
Quotations Page
Walnuts help you fight stress, lower BP
New depression treatment guidelines

Pomegranate Health Benefits Revealed
Guidelines to study Abroad
Guidelines to study in India for Foreign/NRI  students

Why mothers bond so well with their kids
10 tips for a healthy heart
Cardiac checklist

Wake up to the heart
'Gene driven obesity is a myth'

Patients could grow own liver

New theories of Multiple intelligences- by Prof.C.F.Joseph
Insomniacs four times more likely to die early
Car's front seats safer than back seats
'Online' mom lets dogs starve, neglects kids
Swipe cell phone to make instant purchases
Soon, cell phones to be powered by conversations!
Now, a robot to wash and dry your hair!

How to choose your mobile phone
Battle of the Web Browsers
Low-Cost Computing trends with tablet PC under $35

Process of dementia can start at 40 yrs
How to measure if children are learning
Home test to detect skin cancer
Talking to yourself is good, say scientists
Talking to death on cellphones
Do we really want to predict our future?

Life Insurance Vs  Other savings
Workers quit jobs to get rid of bad bosses
Shortest speech ever delivered by a CEO
How To Give A Great Speech

Tips & Guidelines for speech: Accepting  an award
Tips & guidelines: Impromptu or Extempore Speech
Investing Beginners:  Investing is All about Managing Risks and Returns
How to speak like a leader
Motivational Speech Techniques

Web annoyances — and how to deal with them
Millions risk life by texting while walking
Thousands risk early death by ignoring arthritis symptoms
Indian School Class 10 board exam confusion clarified
Engineering Wonders-Lotus-shaped 91 feet prayer hall
Lesson from Spilt Milk

Oman Tourism: Jabal Shams: Oman Grand Canyon
Misfat al Abreen,  Ras al Hadd

Career & Courses: Geoinformatics
Comprehensive list of all the Govt of India services
GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test
Guidelines : GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test
CAT - Common Admission Test

Guidelines : How ready are you for CAT?
Procedure to attest Mark lists
Guidelines: For a better CAT
Guidelines for Gulf job-seekers
JMET-Joint Management Entrance Test
JAM- Joint Admission Test for M.Sc, Ph.D

A child’s sharp bellyache could be appendicitis
Sport as a natural high blood pressure blocker

Guidelines to get family Visa in Oman
My Grandma's Recipe
Beauty tips from Shahnaz Hussain

Two-year-old boy has quit smoking
Oman:  Ras al Hadd beckons tourists
OMAN - a geological wonderland

A Chat with Dr.Devi Shetty, Heart Specialist
The value of self-esteem
Miracles of the glorious Quran

Mosquitoes may be used as anti-malaria 'syringes'
World's longest DOSA
Play A.R.Rahman's Commonwealth theme song
Play Video A.R.Rahman's Commonwealth theme song
Lalitha Sahasra nama stotram
Ramadhan enhances God-consciousness
Muslim Children look forward to Qaranqasho

Breastfeeding is the best feeding
Are senior citizens an asset or liability?
Beware the hovering hacker, keep the password fail-safe

Mums who don’t breastfeed at risk of diabetes
Old age needs care, caregivers need support
Ragging: Where offender is a victim too
The six myths about Engineering you should know

Breast feeding: It’s the birthright of your baby
Life can begin at 60, it is all in your hands!

Mum’s cuddle brings new-born baby back to life
Career & Courses: Economics

Opinion: Stress and time management

Festivals: JanmashtamiRaksha Bhandhan,
Burglary : Useful tips to avoid Burglary in your house
Construction: Construction Tips
Exam: Examination guidelines and tips
Housing Loan - Guidelines
IAS & Civil Service : Guidelines

Run: Before you run, remember some useful tips
Travel: Travel Tips & Guidelines

Now, tweet your way to your dream job
Giving up smoking ups family life
Antibiotic resistance growing problem in fighting infections
One-man weather centre making right predictions
Consuming grapes and green tea could leave you with an iron deficiency
Protein made by breast cancer gene ‘purified’
Guess who's stalking you on the Web?

Car & Bike questions
Health Tablets
Courses and Careers- Questions , answers and guidelines

What is Nuclear Science Course ?
Walking to school cuts heart attacks
Delhi school boys discover new asteroid

Disabled innovators get recognition
Jogging in park better than gym
Sitting down for hours could invite cardiac disaster
Feeling stressed? Start an activity

Fasting promotes healing, well-being
Ramadhan: Drinking plenty of water essential
Fasting is gateway to positive health benefits
Fasting reduces stress and makes mind calm

Ramadan — ideal time to take care of oral health
Festival: Naga Panchami
The wisdom behind fasting
Special reasons for reading Holy Quran

Death and Worry
The one armed Judo champion
The frail old man and the wooden bowl
A Miracle for a Dollar and Eleven Cents
How much music can you make?
Paid in full with one glass of milk
The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee
The Moth and The Cocoon
The Son and the  Painting

How To Handle Stress Interviews
Overcoming fear of examinations
The UPSC route to the Railways
Important Entrance Examinations & Admission dates
Site of Engineering wonders

Ramadan: A Month of spiritual pleasures and blessings
Inventor: Black box dies
The World's Most Inspiring Women

A life-saving device to warn fishermen
Climate change could destroy 80 per cent of rainforest
Travel Picks: 10 top hot spots for celebrities
Aphrodisiacs may pose serious health risks
Prayers really can heal the sick?
Look younger without any surgery

Being beautiful doesn't always get you job
Hot tips for buying a camera
How to spot the early signs of dementia and Alzheimer's
Vitamin D may help keep colds away in winter

Low-cost laptop for kids

10 Tips To Find Happiness At Work
The World's Happiest Countries
Diabetes : a single shot of insulin for one month
The 15 secrets to a happy marriage

Peacock dances during namaaz (prayer)
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Internet authorities adopt new .org security
Solar-Powered Plane Flies for 26 Hours

Handsfree devices for those who text on the move
Artificial jewellery for children have harmful levels of lead: study
Antioxidants help arteries stay healthy
Grandma's remedy for radiation exposure
Women living close to grocery store are obese
Credit card fraud accused arrested
Classical music stirs vegetative patients' souls

Sleep may help you remember better
Malnutrition impairs brain function in old age
Olive oil keeps breast cancer at bay--study
Fighting blindness with cell phones

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