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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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Seven Wonders Of The World
International Day of Older Persons - 1 October

The List of World's Most Attractive Employers
Crimes and thefts

Early to bed, early to rise makes you fit
Secrets of fruit Juices
TV set falls, child dies

Lemon  is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells
Family Dining  may create happier, healthier teens

Coffee chases away depression in women
Coffee-powered car breaks Guinness world speed record

Good News Dentistry for Reversing Dental Decay

Our sterling teacher in the prison
Religion: Purifying our hearts
World's most expensive disasters
World's best cities

Presence of best friend can help you beat stress
10 top hot spots for celebrities

'How I lost my eye' - Excerpts from Pataudi's biography
Guidelines for using LPG or Cooking gas
List of Railway recruitment control boards

Google opens Plus social network to everyone
Diabetes Doubles Alzheimer's Risk
Free PDF/ Docx and other  Converters

Interior Design resources

Laughter: a serious business
Five healthy foods to eat at your workstation

Yoga effective in treating psychiatric disorders
Aerobic exercise the best way to lose belly fat
Mastering the Art of Team-Building:
Diet plan for weight loss
10 Career Change mistakes you must avoid

10 Strategies for managing job stress
20 fastest-growing companies in the world
Scientists Discover 12 New Frog Species in India
New laser to help detect roadside bombs

Muscat NRI girl sweet-talked into marriage, Cheated
Bank Muscat launches retirement savings plan

How to keep a check on your spending
What is Lasik- Eye laser surgery?
Why Abraham Lincoln Was Called 'Honest Abe'
Toyota launches diesel cars

M E Meeran: India's curry powder king ( Eastern Group)
Love & Kindness: Abraham Lincoln and the Little Girl
Turbulent and testing times for Tendulkar

Omani dates prevent Alzheimer’s

Power of positivity
Online engineering entrance exam from next year

List of IFS codes for banks

Tihar Jail: What's behind the walls
The story of a Pencil

Careers: Jewellery design
Careers: Forensic Science
Kamath Inspires: GENEROSITY
Kamath Inspires: A TRUE FRIEND
What is Digital Cinema?
Kamath Inspires: GIFT

Speech topic: Animal rights

A son's dilemma — to be or not to be an Engineer
Unborn child stolen from mother's womb
Guidelines: Embarking on a trip to study abroad?
Career: Food Processing

Career Guidance: Nanotechnology
Know your marriage partner
Walnuts could help cut breast cancer risk

Biography: Steve Jobs, The man behind Apple computers
CAT for IIMs, IITs and IISc.
Companies look for leadership traits
Popular Career Links
How to Plan your Career

Educational Loan  pursuing higher education in India or abroad
National Eligibility Test (NET)
List of admission tests to colleges and universities

Guidelines to study Abroad

Mother's love
10 Steps to Earn a High GRE test Score
Fatter women have fatter babies
Kamath Inspires:
X-Ray microscope that enables nanovision developed
Sree Padmanabha swamy Temple, Trivandrum
World's longest over-water bridge
Little babies can make out when you're sad

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO: analysis
4 Indians among MIT’s top 35 innovators
India's 6 worst  Cricket whitewashes

Who is Anna Hazare?
What is Lokpal Bill ?
2011 World Champion of Public Speaking
Yuvraj Singh launches his cricket academy

Soya oil to treat infertility in women
Girl ends life to donate eyes to dad
Narayaneeyam : English translation
Knowledge: How to determine the height of a skyscraper with a barometer?
60-year-old woman delivers twins in Karnal
What is Aadhaar ?- Indian National ID card
Biography:  Bhagat Singh

Indian Embassy, Oman  Consular Services outsourced to third party
World NITCAA meet Photo album

NEET: All India Medical Entrance Exam For MBBS
Where have engineering teachers gone?
An hour of TV slashes lifespan by 22 minutes
Addiction is a brain disease
Age related memory loss can be reversed
Over 30m in India carry hepatitis virus
What is Hepatitis ?
AIESEC : The world's largest student-run organization
Watching TV ruin your health, say experts

Fenugreek: The New Viagra?
World Music day
Charge your mobile phone using boiling water
Woman kills baby in microwave oven
Low-calorie diet can cure diabetes
Benefits of Fenugreek ( Methi, Uluva)
Almonds lower diabetes, heart disease risk
Guidelines to purchase a Sewing machine
Sewing Machines

Knowledge Base: The holy Bible
Knowledge Base: Islam
Cell phones can reduce fertility

Boy trapped behind AC unit
Cooking oil to power planes
Fenugreek and diabetes
Health benefits of Almonds
Indian herbs: Fenugreek ( Methi )

Free Business card creator
Upma worth $100,000
Tallest statue in the World: The Spring Temple Buddha
Christ the Redeemer (statue)
Planning shift to Australia? Get ready for new rules

Useful tips for a good breakfast
What is Endosulfan?
Useful tips to avoid body odour
General useful information
Singer M.G.Sreekumar
The Epic story : Ramayana

Guinness World Records: The world's shortest man
Cauliflower is a cancer killer

Kill workplace stress with potted plants
'TigerText' software on mobile phones a headache
Cranberry Juice Can Cure Ulcers
Do not let anyone steal your dreams

Tamarind can repair damaged brain cells

Apple iPad 2 vs HTC Flyer vs Motorola Xoom vs BlackBerry PlayBook
B vitamins in mother' diet cut kid's gut cancer risk

Dos and don’ts for keeping heart diseases at bay
Beware of summer skin problems
Short biography: MF Hussain

Free Funny photo effects and Gif animations
Baby with 34 fingers

35 Tips for Better Life
Question papers- Examination & Job related
What is iPod, iPhone, iPad and iCloud?
Interview with IAS topper 2011- Divyadharshini
Blood test to diagnose depression
Mobile phone cancer report a 'wake-up call': Teo
Stress may aggravate alzheimer's risk
What is Windows Phone code named Mango?
Find any Acronym
Important World observance days
Students need motivation, not just guidance

Internet bullying on the rise

Turmeric can help fight cancer/ Alzheimer
Inspiration: Sinduthai sapkal- mother of orphan
Tips and guidelines to quit smoking
Inspiration: Bhavna Botta
Entrance & Examination sites
AIEEE - Exam details, mock test and question papers
Teenager sells kidney to buy Apple iPad 2
Get a saliva test for your infant
Online  frauds and scams
Airport scam
Webmaster tools and resources

Asthma Cure: Fish Therapy of Hyderabad
Guinness record: Apa Sherpa
Nadi Vaidyam ( Pulse diagnosis)
What is schizophrenia?
Short biography: Swami Baba Ramdev
Guinness Book: The widest mouth on the planet.
Health: Symptom Checker 
Sunlight & Vitamin D Linked to Fatherhood

World Konkani Student Scholarship
My grandma's recipe: Narthangai pachadi
Nadi Vaidyam

Inspiring story: An Auto rickshaw driver
Threat from chronic diseases

How to Save on Group Travel
Inspiring story: The Pebbles
Stressed pregnant moms have unruly kids
Google Music Beta
Be careful about using your digital or mobile  camera

Digestive problems can give you depression

X & XII CBSE Results
GRE revised examination from August
Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Miss India World -2011
Skin's stem cells can treat faltering liver
Online test to detect early signs of Alzheimer's
Reference: Diseases & Conditions

Sugar makes the medicine work better
Diabetic News
Analyze the disease by Symptoms
Girl with tumor ‘saved by toothbrush’
Longer life linked to support from colleagues
A bus that doesn't run if the driver is drunk
AIEEE: Tips and strategies

Cinnamon and health benefits
List of Medicinal Plants

Lung cancer detection through patient's nose
A test to find how long you'll live
Yoga helps breast cancer patients
Cinnamon is very effective for diabetes

Divyadarshini: IAS-Civil Service Exam 2010 First Rank holder
DASA, SPDC-2010-2012,  DASA for M.Tech/MBA course  
Kamath Inspires: Inner Man in You

What is Chemotherapy ?
Mixed stem cell cure creates history
Kamath Inspires: No "BEST" Choice

How to secure your yahoo email address
How to recover your hacked email address
Vocational training – A Vital part of nation’s growth
Home remedies & Natural cures
How to secure your Google gmail address

What is Autism ?
Living with and Beyond Autism

Akshaya Tritiya
DASA quota for M.Tech & MBA from this year
DASA Application last date 15 June 2011

Toastmaster forms, training materials and downloads

Dog Predicts Blood Sugar Changes
What is Vishing?

Beware! now, it is vishing
Ear Infections in Children
Home Remedies -Acidity-Cholesterol-BP-Diabetes

The Pulitzer Award
Wafaa Bilal- A man with camera on his head

Motivation: Karsanbhai Patel
How to sharpen your mental function?
How salt intake raises Blood Pressure
Benefits of tulsi or Basil
The Cholesterol Myth that is Harming Your Health
A Simple, Inexpensive Trick to Cure a Cold

Vishnu Sahsranamam, Hanuman Chalisa, More..... 

Career: Population Sciences
Sanitary Health Inspectors course
Clinical Data Management course
Car and Bike questions
World's most expensive car

List of diseases

Cows that produce 'human' breast milk!
'Bionic eye' offers hope to the blind
A happy mom makes for a happy child
Human hearts created in the lab

Nobel prizes, Grammy awards, Oscar Awards, Merlin awards for Magic
What is Bypass surgery & Angioplasty

Inspiring story: Father's love for his son
Who is Anna Hazare?
Moral/ Inspirational / Motivational stories
National and International events diary

10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes
Who are Somali pirates?
World's longest DOSA 2011
Religious talk: Rewarded by the goddess
Religious talk: Taking on the role of cook
What are  antibiotics?

Miracle Drink : Carrot, Beet Root and Apple
Earthquake survival methods
What is Lokpal Bill?
Common Sense – An Uncommon Trait?
Rahul Krishnakumar  wins Sheikh Hamdan Academic Excellence award

Tips to design your child room
Type in any Regional  language
Ripley's Believe It or Not!-
bizarre events and items so strange and unusual
Blood test can predicts diabetes risk 10 years before
Abebe Bikila-
Olympic Marathon gold medalist who ran barefoot
Firefox-4 New features
What is STAAD?

Courses & Career: Aerospace/Aeronautical Engg
Career & Courses: Sound or Audio Engineering

Breastfed babies 'more intelligent'
Babies breastfed for six months have fewer infections: research

Heart surgery through the wrist!
Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 enters the Guinness Book
Song & dance from Dabangg movie enters Guinness Book

Now, an injection to get rid of obesity and diabetes
Features of Internet Explorer 9
Meet the 14-yr old animator CEO
Bangalore man clinches Guinness record for spelling
What is MRI scan?
What is Bariatric or weight loss surgery?

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