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( Informative speech given by Aadithiya Ajaykumar in the gavel club )

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How many of you have felt a sense of gratitude to your parents , Srikumar Pai Sir and Nandakumar  Sir  for having given this opportunity to be part of Gavelier’s club ?? Please bear in mind that this is  a learning experience which very few people in Muscat or India can get at this age . When   this  came into  my mind,  I felt that I should utilize this opportunity to transpire my feeling to my fellow Gavelier’s club .


Respected  Toastmasters,  Gavlier  of the day and fellow Gaveliers  the topic I have chosen is “ ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE “


We have the great epic of Mahabharatha where we  know that Ekalavya  who was the best archor  had offered his thumb as  “ Gurudakshina “ to show  his gratitude to his teacher even though he knew that  he could never excel in archery without his thumb. It was so touching when my father described about his visit to a centre for physically and mentally handicapped people  where many people are struggling  and life is a burden for them . We should thank almighty for creating us without any abnormalities.

We should admit that during our school days , we never thank our teachers for guiding us and giving us the proper direction in accomplishing our ambition . But once we are out of our school we will definitely feel the value of our teachers who have contributed to our success . I could feel this during my  father’s  silver jubilee Alumni get together in their engineering college when he himself along with every one of his college mates were  eagerly waiting to touch their teachers’ feet to take their blessing  . If we think for a moment we will understand how much we owe to our teachers  for taking all the pains in bringing us to the level where we are . For any activity we do  we will feel  a sense of gratitude if we think about the positive and negative aspects of it . Often we only think of what we are not having , we forget of what we  have  got from god for leading the current life style .

We have stories of showing gratitude in the worst manner also . We all know  about the great Mughal Ruler Shajahan who had cut the hands of Artisans  of Taj Mahal  to ensure that they  cannot replicate this monument .  

At the present age we can see that  in  many families the old parents are sent to old age homes . The children are ready to spent any  amount of money but they have no time to devote for  their old parents who  had sacrificed  their life and took lots of pain  to bring them  up . Are they doing right ?? I sincerely feel that we can bring  about some changes in this system. Hope we  will take all the efforts to spent  the best possible time with our parents during  their old age .

So friends, we have to decide ourselves the best form we have to choose to express our gratitude . We should never miss the opportunity of expressing our gratitude at the right moment , because as was seen  in the movie Kungfu Panda , today is  the present where we have all the opportunity to do whatever we want to do  , yesterday is past and tomorrow is mystery. 

I can be contacted at aadithiya1994@gmail.com

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