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B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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Guarding children from criminals
Mild exercise good  for the critically ill people
Food can chemicals trigger early puberty in girls
Unhappily married men at greater risk of fatal stroke: Study
Shortcuts to good health
Over 50? Cut down copper, iron intake
Tips to stay cool this summer
Transcendental Meditation an effective way to ease depression
Food allergy? It's all in the mind
Gene that causes deafness discovered
Soon, urine test for kidney cancer
It's official: Handling cash can ease pain!

Finding Missing children
Children safety  online

Job applicants lie on resumes?
Biography: Warren Buffett
Biography: Pratibha Patil
Soon, Internet users to 'feel' physical contact while chatting
Now, mobile phones that protect against deadly chemicals

Simple test detects signs of suicidal thoughts in people on antidepressants
Wireless nano sensors may save bridges, buildings

Find lost friends using the Internet get good sleep
Why are some people smarter than others
Childhood cancer survivors 'at increased risk of early death'
People at lower socioeconomic levels die more often after heart surgery

Exercise therapy can ease depression--study
Making flowers in the vase retain freshness longer
Drinking during pregnancy puts baby at risk of epilepsy
Babies of overweight mums run risk of obesity
Tweeter  not sweet: Can spell trouble in divorce cases
Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system

Be true to yourself, your relationship will prosper

Chocolate lowers heart attack risk
If you are allergic to A.C- Breathe easy
Simple blood test for breast cancer developed
Britain's oldest father thanks bananas for virility
How an ordinary T-shirt could become body armour
Unhappy people unlikely to find job satisfaction
Women quit careers due to unhelpful husbands
British grandma  brought back from the dead 114 times!

Cherry juice could bring stamina and aid marathon recovery: Study
Milkha Singh- One of the greatest athletes India has ever produced.
Laksmi Mittal- Business man and Europe's richest man
Smoking lowers IQ: research
Bedtime stories improve child literacy
Home remedies to pamper your feet
Advantages of Sauna and steam bath
How the brain stores memories of specific fears
Cola affects male fertility: Study
Scientists find aging gene is linked to immunity
Men aged 60 have highest self esteem

Now, technology to see through fog
Overactive thyroid in young age linked to stroke risk--study
World's oldest Easter hot cross bun smells fresh even today!

Fat rich breakfast might be healthy
Now use eye movement to play computer games
'Bionic eye' sunglasses unveiled
Typing tracker could spot paedophiles
Acupuncture can help dental treatment

Nine rules to eating right
Talk to your baby (using real words).. it boosts their brain
How To Develop Concentration

Why black pepper is good for you

Revolutionary capsule offers hope to diabetics
A revolutionary DNA test to spot cancers
Arthritis? Wear light, flat shoes!
Flaxseed lowers high cholesterol in men

Blackcurrants may ease asthma
Turmeric-based drug to cure Parkinson's disease
Herbal pill can cut your appetite by a fifth: study

How To Get Sleep
Fast food makes us impatient
Women 'more likely to report ill health than men'
Some Of The Irritating Bedtime habits
Uploading and uplifting: sharing big data files
Guard yourself, your family and home with insurance

Dark coffee ‘good for your tummy’
Curry ( Turmeric ) ingredient shows promise against liver damage
8 Foods that Fight Stress
Cyber criminals phishing money from bank accounts
Thieves target Facebook, Twitter users

Moderate alcohol is good for sick hearts
New Alzheimer's test 'for better detection'
World's first vehicle 'green' tires

vehicle that can drive itself unveiled
Restricting ageing process may help rein in Alzheimer’s

Cosmetic surgeon creates 'boob job' without implants
Exercise cuts postnatal depression risk

Eyes can tell what we have in our minds
Smokers aid spread of TB, say experts
Laser security for the Internet developed

The perfect exam diet for students
Tips To Find Happiness At Work
Three Keys to a Happy Life
Online Password Tips And Tricks
World's largest meat-eating plant prefers to eat small animal poo

Having two children is best for your health
How does the body heal itself?

How do loans work: The basic concepts
How global warming can increase violence in human being
Gene linked to lung cancer in non-smokers identified
Here's the science behind quakes
Pregnant women with gum disease more likely to give birth prematurely
Two novel ways to kill TB discovered
Radar to monitor  vehicular movement
Protect Your Kidneys by Controlling Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Best treatment for childhood epilepsy identified
Scientists creating 'golden bullet' for cancer
Secret world of honeybees' heat revealed
Now, 'hearing' maps to help architects ward off unwanted noise in rooms
Now, mobile phones to offer X-ray vision

Watch out for fake documents
10 Places NOT to Use Your Debit Card
Freezing technique to help cure breast cancer
IIT student produces electricity from waste water

Bone stem cells to mend damaged hips
Pretty girls increase risky behaviour in young men
Knee arthritis is common in overweight patients
Brain imaging technique to get inside consumers' heads developed

Sleep deprivation drive teens to drug use
A few most generous  women

Morning coffee helps you stay fit
Astronomers discover new planet in Milky Way

Homes Of  The Billionaires

Cloves are new healthy super-food, Antioxidant scientists discover
'Video games hurt schoolwork'
Quit Smoking With Nicotine Replacement Products
Indian breads, Rotis- Nutritional  values

Loneliness linked to high BP in elderly
Indian breads, Rotis- Nutritional  values
Fish may help fight bowel cancer
Scientists hide gold with 3D "invisibility cloak"
Football replay used to fight Alzheimer's
Exercising? Get your clothes right
Top 10 Mediterranean beach towns

Lipstick that shows when women want love goes on sale
iPhones app that guides medics through heart attack treatment launched
A 'Sudoku grid' to foil web fraud
Drug from bananas to prevent HIV infection
Ways to avoid getting duped at a petrol station

Burn out the work stress
Pancreatitis and its complications
Tea consumption prevents Ovarian cancer risk significantly   
Is Your Online Bank Account Safe?
Five Tips For Protecting Your Online Bank Account
A mind-reading computer
Now, well behaving multi-processor computers
Semolina moments

Quit Smoking For Good Without Expensive Patches and Pills
Sauna sessions can threaten male fertility
Reading, writing information directly into brain
A guide to happiness, no matter how bad things are
Breakthrough could make electronic devices smaller and cars energy efficient
Darkness encourages cheating

Pigeons outdo humans at solving 'Monty Hall' problem
Steer by wire -a car that doesn't require you to turn the steering wheel

'Facebook killer' jailed for life
The One Problem That is Slowing Your Computer Down, and How to Fix it Fast
Beware of Fraudulent Emails
Applications of Social Net-Working

Nose scanning for security
How to make your password safe
Ginger for Mind &  body
Indian bitter melon ( Karela) may harbour breast cancer cure
Energize with fruit Juices

Sangeetha Sridhar's Article page

An IT Consultant, public speaker and technology writer with keen interest in IT, research, effective PR work, website review, content consultation and online journalism. IT QUIZ Champion of Oman.Author of Technology weekly column "DIGITAL OMAN " for over 5 yrs and published over 250 articles. Currently the EDITOR of ICT quarterly called Digital Oman from ITA.JUDGE in several WEB/IT competitions like - UAE IT Challenge - Pan Arab Web Awards - Oman Web Awards - eOman Award - MECIT's Quest - UN WSIS Nominee . Articles

Dr.Rajan Philips Article page

Ph.D ( English )

Lecturer in English

Free lance writing, Public speaking, Table tennis, badminton, debates, scrabble, quizzing

1. Freelance columnist for Oman Daily Observer with a weekly column                                                                    

            2. Have written and published a book 'Reflections' ( A Collection of           
                Motivational Articles  Articles Page

Journalist Hasan Kamoonpury's Article page

HASAN KAMOONPURI is a senior journalist at Oman Daily Observer. Earlier, he was Associate Editor of Digital Oman, an ICT magazine, and OMAN MONEYworks, a business magazine.

Before joining Oman Observer in January 2000, he worked with several leading newspapers such as The Times of India, in Mumbai, The Economic Times in New Delhi, and Teheran Times in Iran. Hasan Kamoonpuri has also worked with the famous fortnightly journal Export Channel of Holland, an export-based journal of the Netherlands, where he led coverage of export promotion strategies of India’s outstanding industrial houses. Articles

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