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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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Chemistry, branch of science concerned with the properties, composition, and structure of substances and the changes they undergo when they combine or react under specified conditions.
Branches of Chemistry

Chemistry can be divided into branches according to either the substances studied or the types of study conducted. The primary division of the first type is between inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Divisions of the second type are physical chemistry and analytical chemistry.

The original distinction between organic and inorganic chemistry arose as chemists gradually realized that compounds of biological origin were quite different in their general properties from those of mineral origin; organic chemistry was defined as the study of substances produced by living organisms. However, when it was discovered in the 19th cent. that organic molecules can be produced artificially in the laboratory, this definition had to be abandoned. Organic chemistry is most simply defined as the study of the compounds of carbon. Inorganic chemistry is the study of chemical elements and their compounds (with the exception of carbon compounds).

Physical chemistry is concerned with the physical properties of materials, such as their electrical and magnetic behavior and their interaction with electromagnetic fields. Subcategories within physical chemistry are thermochemistry, electrochemistry, and chemical kinetics. Thermochemistry is the investigation of the changes in energy and entropy that occur during chemical reactions and phase transformations . Electrochemistry concerns the effects of electricity on chemical changes and interconversions of electric and chemical energy such as that in a voltaic cell. Chemical kinetics is concerned with the details of chemical reactions and of how equilibrium is reached between the products and reactants.

Analytical chemistry is a collection of techniques that allows exact laboratory determination of the composition of a given sample of material. In qualitative analysis all the atoms and molecules present are identified, with particular attention to trace elements. In quantitative analysis the exact weight of each constituent is obtained as well. Stoichiometry is the branch of chemistry concerned with the weights of the chemicals participating in chemical reactions.

  • ChIN - The Chemical Information Network - Comprehensive directory of chemical information on the web.
  • ChemDex - A directory of chemistry resources on the WWW, located on the Sheffield chemistry server.
  • - Providing information on all facets of the world-wide chemical industry. Many links to web resources of interest to chemists and the chemical industry.
  • - Features searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, books, software, conferences diary and ChemDex+.
  • Chemical Resources - Many places to search chemical information in Internet, page held in Columbia.
  • Chemie.DE - An information service for the German chemistry community. It provides search engines for chemistry and various databases for chemical information.
  • Chemistry Guide - Directory and search engine of chemistry related resources on the Internet.
  • Chemsoc - Online networks in specialist areas, science, industry and product news, a comprehensive events database, job centre, access to major references, and society resources.
  • Links for Chemists - An extensive index of chemistry resources maintained at The University of Liverpool.
  • Medicinal Chemistry Links - A collection of links for chemists and students involved in organic, biochemical, computational, and/or medicinal chemistry research, maintained by Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index - Links to freeware, discounted software, free databases, societies, spectroscopy resources, reaction mechanisms and online discussion forums.
  • The Wired Chemist - A collection of Chemistry resources, including links to other sites and data tables.
  • moreChemistry - Maintains lists of events, links and jobs. Registered members can promote their websites themselves.
  • Cefic: European Chemical Industry Council - Cefic European Chemical Industry Council: information about chemical industry and chemistry applications, health, safety and environmental aspects, research, science, innovation, international trade, economics, educational programmes, EU Enlargemen
  • Chemical Structure Association Trust - International charity which promotes education, research and development in the field of storage, processing and retrieval of information about chemical structures, reactions and compounds.
  • European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) - Provides a thorough overview of the chemical industry in Europe. Includes news, updates, statistics, and educational information.
  • Green Chemistry Institute - Non-profit organization that promotes the development and implementation of science and technology to avoid the generation and production of hazardous wastes.
  • National Registry of Certified Chemists - NRCC is an independent non-profit agency that offers certification for professionals and technicians specializing in hygiene, toxicology, clinical, environmental and analytical chemistry in the USA.
  • The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland - Promotes chemistry in Ireland and supports the Irish chemical industry.
  • World Chlorine Council - Represents the global chlorine and chlorinated products industries, and was created to improve our understanding of the benefits of chlorine chemistry and to address related health, environmental and public policy issues.













Chemisrty Lab Precautions
Visit this site for more information on safe practices in the chemistry laboratory.

Chemistry information for high school and college students.

Some of the discoveries and controversies at the forefront of chemistry.

Chemistry Resources  
Science and chemistry resource site compiled for students 

Resources for Teachers
Provides information related to Chemistry. A resource for teachers

Chemistry on the Internet
Each year, chemistry professionals select outstanding chemistry-related Internet sites. The winners are posted here .

Chemical On-Line Presentations
Chemistry presentations made before audiences around the world are announced and recorded on this hyperlinked calendar 

International Union of Crystallography
Crystallography resources  include a world database, journals,  reports, newsletters, info on upcoming meetings 

Chemistry News Groups

The department of chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, maintains this index of chemistry, biochemistry, biology and other science newsgroups.

Chemistry Educators reference
 Features resources for chemistry educators through its Web site. Digital textbook chapters and other materials can serve as alternatives to traditional teaching

Chemistry Teaching Resources - on line
Hundreds of chemistry resources are easily available here for questing chemistry teachers: from lesson plans to reference guides to experiments. 

Element Percentage Calculator
This Web site allows visitors to calculate the percentage of particular elements in chemical compounds. Italso  links to  an online chemistry resource called WebElements

Offers chats, events, vendor rating information, classifieds, and analytical chemistry links.

Resources in Chemistry 
Well-developed directory of chemistry sites.

Refernce for Chemistry
Excelent site for  chemistry resources.

Resources for chemists, materials scientists, and device technologists working on sol-gel related fields.


Biochemistry is the study of the chemical reactions within living organisms.This site is a resource for it. Also offers links and message and chat boards .

Biochemistry Search 
indexes educational sites with biological content useful to biochemists and other researchers


Chemical Educator
An online journal dedicated to the Chemical teacher at the college/university and AP high school level. 

Electrochemical  Journal
Reviewed, monthly, electronic journal.

Chemistry Journal
Aims to promote the use of the Internet and development of network resources to enable chemists to better communicate.

Biological Chemistry Journal
A resource journal for Biological chemistry

Chromatographic Journal
Monthly international scientific journal presenting information concerning the theory and practice of chromatography.

Monthly journal containing reviewed articles, industry news and links.

Chemenviron Journal
This Journal  brings together under one cover researchers in chemistry and environment

Review of Biochemistry
Lists the Annual reviews of Biochemistry and other details
Biochemical Journal  
A Journal from The Biochemical Society.

Internet Journal of Science 
Conventional scientific journal. In addition, there is a magazine section which contains more topical issues.


American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, provides information on its products and services. 

Chemical Heritage Foundation 
Strengthens public understanding of the chemical and life sciences and technologies.

Chemistry Society  
Useful services and links for the chemistry community.

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry 
National professional organisation for those interested in chemistry.

Organic Chemistry Society
A link to the ChemKey search database, conference info and the Society's newsletter are also featured.

Australian Chemical Institute
Professional and learned society serving the needs of chemists and the community in Australia.

Swedish Chemical Society
Seeking to promote the development of chemistry and its applications.

Organic Chemistry

Chemistry Help Online
An interactive organic chemistry learning tool for students at the high school level.

Conference on Organic Chemistry
The Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry site contains news from the most recent conference, along with pointers to older materials. 

Chemistry Database  
organic literature database containing 45,000 references 

Organic Reactions  
Diagrams of more than 300 named organic reactions with references.

Organic Chemistry Resources
A large  collection of sites for the professional organic chemist.

Organic Reaction Equations
Equations for all the reactions in a typical organic chemistry course 

Organometallic Chemistry
A basic guide to organometallic chemistry



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