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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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Savitri Jindal among top five world's richest mothers
Invention of ATM Cash Machine
World's best travel spots
Why don't Bollywood sci-fi movies work at box office?
Five hidden dangers of Facebooking

Profile: New Chief Justice of India S.H. Kapadia
History of Coca-Cola ( Coke)
Treating kidney disease
Henna tattoos linked to leukaemia risk
Soy beans negatively affect sperm production
Fruits, vegetables ‘can cut child cancer risk’

Seventeen-year-old locked in toddler's body could unlock key to ageing
What to Do When a Newborn Can’t Hear

Liver patients may have memory problems
Inhalable measles vaccine on way?
Researcher verifies brain's master switch
3D fantasy game to help treat depressed teens
Robot designed for safe rescue operations post-disasters

Mothers day

Exercise early for stronger bones in old age
First prostrate cancer vaccine a major breakthrough
MAT- Management Aptitude Test guidelines and Question papers
Erectile dysfunction drug could help to treat brain tumours
Dark chocolate 'reduce risk of brain damage from stroke'
High pitched women most attracted to men with deep voices
Kids learn a great deal by imitating adults
A test can save the pain of seeing your child die’
Kids as young as six months old can tell good from evil
Info that kids share on Facebook a matter of concern: Kiwi watchdog
Teens on Facebook using code language for privacy
Facebook 'fuelling divorce'
Web boost for Second  marriages
New fibre optics technology to speed up internet
'Ethical hacking is a booming industry'

Regular consumption of broccoli reduces breast cancer risk
Paracetamol can cause asthma: study
Diabetes' patients at higher colon cancer risk

Inadequate sleep can make you fat
Depression 'treatable by electromagnetic therapy'
Obese kids are bullied more
Lack of sleep 'linked to early death'
Now a car with inbuilt electric scooter

Olive Oil Protects Against Ulcers
For long life, sleep well
Acupuncture the best to ease pain
Blood test could identify lung cancer
New tool tracks eye disease before symptoms show

Girl or boy  determines response to pregnancy stress
Baby swimmers have better grasping powers
Brief treatment can ease depression in mothers

'Green exercise' can boost mental health
List of men you shouldn't marry
Vitamin D lowers risk of premature births--study
Success is a journey

Clapping along songs improve kids' brain power
Fruit juice improves diet quality in kids

A spray to make men more sensitive and affectionate
Cyberbullying: Even moms get vicious online
How to build a committed workforce?
'Attractive' CEOs earn more
Facebook used by private investigators to uncover insurance fraud
Facebook users' username & Password on sale in New Zealand
SMS that self-destructs after one reading

Change TV channels or  send SMS by thought
World's tiniest, lightest microscope designed
Digital eye soon to help drivers avoid mishaps
Flying cars may soon be a reality
Now, read txt msgs on your watch
Aliens exist, but don't talk to them, says Stephen Hawking
How insects decide what to eat and what to avoid
Decaf coffee, nicotine-free tobacco may offer Parkinson's protection
Psychological acupuncture

Love making  wonder pill
Personal music players can imperil hearing
Body's "heat messenger" offers new painkiller

Simple Tricks To Remembering Names
May Day -  International Workers' Day
Bad habits can age you by 12 years

Urine test to diagnose colon cancer
Excessive alcohol may increase cancer risk
Beckham style haircut helps detect cancer

Easy tips to boost your vitality
Dreaming is the brain's way of learning

Violent video games ‘make you smarter’
Long crying babies at risk of brain damage

Green tea helps fight eye diseases
The secret of keeping flowers fresh
What is green Tea?
10 Great Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Switching off lights can avoid cancer
How to 'make' a winning brain
Obesity gene can shrink the brain
Junk food may harm moms-to-be's grandchildren
How genetic mutations lead to diabetes
Multi-tasking  split the brain into two parts?

Benefits of strawberries
Dark chocolate good for liver disease patients
Train your brain for a healthy memory
Eating fish, fruit, nuts will reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease
Dance therapies are helpful for older people
Your Computer In 2020
Green tea can make your teeth stronger
Cut down on calories to live a long life
Why won’t women prevent breast cancer?
You are being Watched
Lobsters may hold paralysis cure
Some facts about fatty liver
Dieting can cause heart disease, cancer!
Therapy works for very distressed couples too
Fast food 'makes people impatient'
Breast milk ingredient may fight acne
Shaking hands over the net may soon be possible!
Meet the 12-year-old Indian headmistress!

Why employees leave organizations?
World's top 'banned' books

Welfare of family  is The Key To Happiness
Heading to sea? Watch out for invisible craters, say experts

Only dieting is not enough for weight loss

Coming soon: Female Viagra
Safeguard yourself from credit card frauds
Women worry about their body shape
Website to fulfill your dreams
Do toddlers need cake as well as carrots?
Carbohydrates can double heart disease risk in women
Is Onion  good for  flu?

Carbohydrates can double heart disease risk in women
Aspirin can reduce migraine symptom pain

Parents spending more time with kids
Popular lipstick brands have high lead content: Study
A good holiday scores over material possessions

Child health advice on Internet ‘unreliable’
Spanking Kids Leads to More Aggressive Behavior
Moderate stress good for foetus: Study

What is an IPAD?
Skin cancer 'cure' found
How To Negotiate Your Salary
5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out
7 Interview Mistakes

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