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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

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Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure
A New type of Mobile Crime
6-story Jesus statue in Ohio struck by lightning
Tea and coffee 'protect against heart disease'

New insulin that won't need cooling - a boon for diabetics
Diabetes tattoo could make finger-pricking history
NETRA, a cellphone device to test your eyes
Eating eggs doesn't raise diabetes risk
Some obese people not at heart disease, diabetes risk
Food items that aggravate and control diabetes revealed
Four coffees a day 'will keep mouth cancer at bay

Social networking cyber crimes
Laptops and Netbooks
Old words and new meanings – Thanks to technology
The Future of Privacy

Speech recognition & Speech technology
Prickless Glucose Monitoring - Monitoring Your Blood Sugar
Top 10 factors which cause stroke were identified

Cholesterol: The good, the bad and the ugly
Aphrodisiac food for jet age
The World's Richest Self-Made Women
Now, a formula for happiness
Spread the good word
Indian-origin scientist has solution for oil spill
One in ten web users putting personal info at risk
The PC is dying, long live the tablet

Invention: Safety Elevator ( Lifts): Elisha Graves Otis
Consumption of Tea 'risk for rheumatoid arthritis'
Experts review link between diabetes and cancer
A right way to eat fruits
Apple juice ‘can enhance Alzheimer's patients’ mood’
'Female viagra' could be approved soon
Girls now begin puberty aged 9
20 Things You Should Never Buy Used
Identifying Alzheimer’s disease risk factors
Top 10 Tips for Buying the Right Camera

When to Buy Your Child a Cellphone
'White rice raises, brown rice cuts diabetes'

Online self-management tool for asthma patients
Drinking coffee 'can cut diabetes' risk
Potato salad with barbeque cuts cancer risk

Men suffer most when relationship breaks

Asthma Cure: Fish Therapy of Hyderabad
New knowledge of chicken pox
One-shot radiotherapy for breast cancer?
Burgers linked to higher pediatric asthma risk
Blood donation: How to save three lives in a day
Early soda drinking tied to unhealthy diet

Chili peppers may help fight fat
Green tea extract may slow leukaemia, researchers have suggested

20th June 2010: Father's day
Software that detects paedophiles on the net created
Master your Windows 7 desktop
Driving under stress dangerous
Clothes that provide emotional relief during stressful times
Majority still prefer home cooked meals for health reasons
3G:  What does it mean to us?
Smart phones exposing kids to suicide and violence
Facebook malware attack spreading quickly
New software to recruit employees through Facebook, LinkedIn

Now doctors can read your ECG reports on their mobile

Anand Kumar- Super 30 IIT-JEE Coaching
Indian sense of well-being different from Western one
Miscarrying women can also have successful pregnancy
Losing temper could actually be good for you
Age doesn't dent one's ability to make sound decisions
Speed of your smile helps create first impression
Pregnant women should be allowed to eat more fish
Arjun Vajpai -the youngest Indian to conquer Everest

Not happy with life? Half of Indians are not
Two glasses of milk tones muscles
Moisturizer enough to keep wrinkles at bay
Conception possible after miscarriages
Protein essential for pregnancy


Comparing salary with others makes you sad: Study
Heartburn pills may cause osteoporosis
2 year old boy smokes 40 cigarettes a day
eauty queen warns skin cancer due to too many sunbeds
Meet the scientist infected with computer virus
How a phisher blocks bank's SMS alert informing money withdrawals

Computers: Human friendly interactions of speaking and Hearing
Keep your cool, study subjects with interest: IIT-JEE topper

MIT scientists devise better way to detect food allergies
5 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
A love story has a happy ending - thanks to Internet
Mother’s milk helps improve baby’s DNA: Study

MIT scientists devise better way to detect food allergies
Alcohol consumption boosts cancer mortality risk.
Allergy can prevent cancer, say studies
Alcohol kills 2.5 million people worldwide: WHO
A Little Gratitude Keeps Relationships Strong
Stressful job can increase risk of asthma
Anti-aging supplements can retard old age

Cut back on sugary drinks to lower BP
All 30 students of 'Super 30' coaching centre crack IIT-JEE

Having love making is good for heart - even after a heart attack
New blood test may help predict newborns' allergy risk

Exercise benefits cancer patients
New tool for early detection of ovarian cancer
Five Ways to Keep Online Criminals at Bay
How laptops can boost learning in college classrooms

Ginger, tulsi, black pepper keep flu away
Viagra may cause hearing loss
Biography: Kiran Bedi
Biography: Carlos Slim Helu- Wealthiest Man
Divorce likely if husband is happier than wife
Group weight-loss helps cut diabetes risk
Tai Chi 'can relieve depression and boost self-esteem'
Daily ginger consumption eases muscle ache

Proper calcium intake key to lifelong bone health
17 Exercise benefits
SMS alert for kitchen gas leaks
Genes that let you live to 100 discovered
Packaged milk sold not fit for drinking
Men with more money have bigger waistlines
Eating cheese 'can boost your immune system'
Eat nuts to improve cholesterol levels
Scientific breakthrough could offer cancer cure
Doctor develops 'skin' helmet that protects brain
'Cell overuse can cause brain cancer'

Pregnant Women Trust Their Moms More Than Medics
Woman's touch can make you financially reckless

Telling lie a sign of future success in children
Quality Child Care Leads to Smarter Teens
94 percent of breastfeeding mothers don't follow proper diet
Father, son re-united after 37 years by Facebook
TV, Net, video via one cable!
DNA forensic markers force drastic drop in burglaries
Transforming waste plastic into an alternative fuel
Hackers can attack car control systems, warn experts
Tweets promising free Twitter followers is a phishing scam by cyber gang
Phishing and Guidelines for Online transactions
Ethical hackers assist security agencies and finance firms to check cyber crime

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