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Leadership corner: Are you hunting meerkat or antelope?

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By Susan Bagyura -The most powerful animal in the jungle is the lion. Itís well known for its speed and uncanny ability to hunt.

Whatís the lion's favourite food? Typically itís antelope, zebra, wilde beasts, and other large animals. There are lots of animals a lion could eat: meerkats, snakes, lizards, small animals and birds. However, the lion knows that these animals don't offer a large enough reward for the time, effort and energy which would be expended to hunt and capture them.

In fact if a lion tried to subsist on a diet of meerkats, it would slowly starve itself to death. Lions hunt in prides, working together as a team. After a successful hunt, thereís enough food for all. Food for the hunters, the young cubs, and even for the ones that are too old to hunt.

I have a client, Michael, who thinks of himself as a lion. The king of the jungle. He has a lot going for him as he's bright, committed and incredibly talented. Further he knows his business inside and out.

But he has a huge problem. He's not making the kind of money he knows he's capable of making. He puts in lots of hours, starts early, stays late, works weekends, but never seems to get ahead. He called me one day and asked for help.

Once we started working together, the reasons why very quickly became apparent. He was running his business and managing his time poorly. It was as if he were hunting meerkat instead of antelope. Michael was spending his days doing things that kept him busy instead of doing productive things that would move him closer to achieving his goals.

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(Susan Bagyura, a leadership coach and business consultant, works entrepreneurs in the essentials of starting a business and developing the business mindset. The audio to this article may be heard at




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