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10 ways to get better sleep for new parents (post baby)

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The baby has arrived and it's a bundle of joy! What's not so joyous is your baby's apparent enjoyment in stealing your precious sleep. Nearly all mums suffer from sleep deprivation once their baby is born and it can drive you near insane, but it's completely avoidable if you know how. These key tips ought to have you back to a healthy sleep routine even with a lively, nocturnal baby.

New parent sleep tip 1 - Sleep when your baby sleeps-Our babies sleep up to 16 hours a day, naturally you won't sleep this much but stealing a few winks while your baby is napping is 100% healthy! Having a baby is a wonderful gift but it involves a never ending routine; nap, feed, cry, nappy change, nap, cry, feed, nappy change... It's a constant process that takes up your time! A lot of mums use the time the baby sleeps to get on with 'essential' housework and day to day chores, but listen up mums don't do it! Cram in some extra sleep, you're constantly running around making you more tired and losing sleep due to late night sleeps.

New parent sleep tip 2 - Turn off electronics It can seem very appealing to wind down at the end of the day with your favourite TV show or feel-good film but mums and dads, if you want to do this, do it earlier in the night. Studies have shown that the glare and constant movement of the screen will keep your brain stimulated, and the light from the screen will con your body into thinking it is daylight. Therefore even if your body feels like it's relaxing, your mind will still be busily ticking over, keeping you awake for longer.

New parent sleep tip 3 - Read a book -Swap in your favourite TV shows for a book at the end of the night. As we know the light from the screen keeps our brains racing, however when reading a book your eyes have to work and focus to read the words. Unlike electronics, reading shouldn't stimulate you as much; it should make your eyes feel heavier and send you into a sleepy state. Try to avoid page turners or thrillers, as you want something that's easy to read and relaxing, even something as simple as the nearest children's book will help you wind down!

New parent sleep tip 4- Share the load   Read the full article

New parent sleep tip 5 - Eliminate stress

New parent sleep tip 6 - Enjoy some exercise

New parent sleep tip 7 - Keep your bedroom peaceful

New parent sleep tip 8 - Avoid caffeine after 4pm

New parent sleep tip 9 - Say YES to help

New parent sleep tip 10 - Stick to a routine

Read the full article

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