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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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How to be Happy ?

( Guidelines to develop self confidence and happiness )

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Realize Your Power - Estimating your worth?


Take a small seed in your hand and look at it. It appears so lifeless, tiny and almost insignificant. But with some soil, water, sun heat, air and the fusion of cosmic spark - that little seed transforms into something thousands of times bigger than itself.

Note the scale and see that there is a large tree hidden in that small seed. Quite similarly, in your almost invisible, quasi-forgotten soul - lies a huge universe that is hidden and inherent like tree in the seed.

You are capable to do almost anything you can dream of; you carry the whole universal energy in and around you. Many of the low times in life, we think ourselves worthless, incapacitated, virtually enslaved and at times surprised 'man what am I doing here? what is our mission on this earth etc'.

I inform you - You do have an important mission and you are already contributing to the visible world - through your talent, hard work and pool of energy. Never under-estimate yourself nor feel lonely. Your world is created by your work and creativity. You only have to act - the BEST you can, the real DOER is the creator - who like a prompter of theatre delivers you the script.

Something that holds your growth? IS IT FEAR?

When you get up in the morning - make a point that you get up like a lion - sure of yourself, bold and fearless. Before that you may have to work on the fear.

Fear starts from 1st day of life, out of insecurities or of feelings of losing what you have. Fear is NEVER of unknown but the known and what you 'possess'.

You fear, of what you already KNOW quite well. Fear resides in deep pockets of mind like a bug - hidden but lively. Fear can be one of the basic reasons of failures of life.

Fear creates walls around us, forces us to take incorrect decisions, on the other hand, fearlessness will give you boldness, peace, preserve energy.

BUT NEVER run from fear - running from it IS real fear. Stop, think, and follow the track of fear back in your mind's archives. Find it, fac9+9 deal with it now.

You must REMOVE it by surgery of deep meditation, by ceasing all knowledge stored in mind. I Repeat that fear resides in knowledge not in the unknown. Your life will be on the super fast track after this silent process.

Visit this site for more advise and articles:

How to Be Happy!

Don't ever stop dreaming your dreams;
they're a very essential part of you.

Do whatever you can to make them a
reality by the course you take,
the plans you make,
and all the things you do.

Don't dwell on past mistakes;
leave yesterday behind you ---
along with any of its problems,
worries, and doubts.

Do realize you can't change the past,
but just ahead is the future ---
and you can do something about that.

Don't try to accomplish everything at once;
life can be difficult enough ---
without adding frustration to the list.

Do travel one step at a time,
and reach for one goal at a time.
That's the way to find out
what real accomplishment is.

Don't be afraid to do the impossible,
even if others don't think you'll succeed.

Do remember that history is filled with
incredible accomplishments of those who
were foolish enough ..... to believe.

Don't forget that there are so many
things that are wonderful, rare,
and unique about you.

And do remember that if you can search
within and find a smile .....
That smile will always be a reflection
of the way people feel ..... about YOU!

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This is quite interesting. End part is very much interesting

A Hare and a Tortoise live in Ahmedabad. They are good friends and like all good friends, sometimes have a dig at each other. One day, in a light mood the Hare
ridiculed the Tortoise for his slow pace. The Tortoise reacted by challenging the Hare for a race between Paldi to Navarangpura.

On the scheduled day and time the two assemble at the starting line and start the race. The Hare dashes off the start line like a flash. After crossing the midway
mark, he feels that a short nap would do no harm. The short nap turned out to be a bit too long. Meanwhile the Tortoise crosses the Hare and reaches the destination. The Hare wakes from the slumber, oblivious of the time, and dashes off towards the finish. To his dismay he finds the Tortoise having a
nap at the finish line. ("Slow and steady wins the race.") The story does not end here.....

The Hare goes home and soon understands that complacency and overconfidence were the reasons of his defeat. He vows not to repeat the mistake again. He
then invites the Tortoise for another race. The Tortoise agrees to his friend's request.

They meet at the scheduled day and time at the starting point. The race starts. This time the Hare dashes off to the finishing line without taking a
break and wins the race comfortably. ("Fast and steady wins the race"). The story does not end here.....

The Tortoise goes home and thinks hard. He was aware that the Hare cannot be defeated in speed. He then ponders over his core competence. At last he finds a
solution and invites the Hare to another race. This time the course is changed. It is from Paldi to Airport. The Hare agrees.

At the scheduled day and time the two meet at the start line and the race begins. The Hare dashes off like a flash. Soon he arrives at the banks of river Sabarmati and is overwhelmed by a sense of dejection as he did not know how to swim. The Tortoise comes to the bank, looks at the Hare with sympathy and coolly gets into the water. He swims to the other side, goes to the airport and comes back. ("Core competence wins the race.") But the story does not end here.....

Both the friends decide it was enough of racing against each other. Why not think hard and find a way by which they together could travel from Paldi to airport at the minimum possible time. At the end of a brain storming session they come out with a solution and decide to try out the next morning.

At the scheduled time they meet at the starting line. The tortoise sits on the back of the Hare. The Hare dashes off form Paldi to the banks of Sabarmati. There
the Hare gets on the back of the Tortoise and the Tortoise swiftly crosses the river. On reaching the other side the Tortoise again sits on the back of the
Hare. The Hare runs as fast as he can to the airport. Thus they both reach airport in the fastest possible time. ("Innovation and team work wins the race")

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