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What is success?

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Winners are not born. People are converted to winners  by themselves

What is success?

Success is fixing , reaching and achieving goals in life. Success is victory, success is prosperity and Success is  happiness. What is success for one, many not be success for other. To become a winner in life, we should have right kind of attitude. ie: Attitiude of a winner.

Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a young and strong man. The only problem with the young man was that he was jobless. After searching & searching, he got a wood cutting job. The owner of the timber camp gave him a new axe. With this new axe he started cutting the trees with zeal and enthusiasm.

First day , he was able to cut 8 huge trees. The second day 7, Third day 6 and the performance went down daily and on the 8th day he was unable to cut even a single tree. The owner of the timber camp asked the young man “ How come your performance is coming down & down everyday””. The Young man said “ Sir, I have been working for the same length of time with the same zeal and enthusiasm and with the same axe you gave me. But I don’t know why my performance is going down everyday. Bose asked him” Young man have you taken sometime of your schedule to sharpen your axe. The young man said “ No Sir, I was too busy.”

The owner looked at the eyes of the young man and told ” Young man , please understand, it is not important to work  harder, it is very important to work sharper.

So working sharper is the secret of success. So let us analyze the tools which can helps us to work sharper.

”All things are done twice in this world. Once in our mind and secondly in the physical world. Whatever you want to become, picturize it in your mind and the subconscious mind will make you happen, provided you follow certain winning formulae. Let us list out some of the winning formulae.

Time: Time is something which has been given to us in equal amount . Irrespective of cast , creed, gender , age, country etc., everyone gets equal amount of time ie. 24 hours. Once you have lost it, you can not get it back. The person who win is the person who properly utilize his time. So winning formulae no.1 is Time Management.

Communication & speaking skills: It is always very important to convey your thoughts and messages properly to the people you are dealing with. This is possible only through improving your communication and speaking skills . Speaking skills gives you a lot of courage and confidence and earns respect and admiration from the society. Remember, Poets are born; Orators are made," . So winning formula 2 is Mastering communication & speaking skills.


Self confidence: It is  the strong belief in yourself and your abilities. A talented man without confidence is like a powerful car without spark plugs. It give you exceptional courage to perform unbelievable tasks. Self confidence is a psychological steroid that boosts our power. “ The man who wins  is the man who thinks he can.” So winning formulae 3 is developing Self confidence.

Human relationship: No one is independent in life. We depend on others right from our birth till our death. Every person, no matter how big or small he is a stepping stone to our success. Remember, "A single flower does not make a garland." So Winning formula 4 is keeping excellent relationship with people around you

Fixing Proper goal in life : There should be proper goals in life. By setting a goal, you decide what you want to achieve. Then create step by step moves toward the achievement of these objectives.  To reach  this goal , you will come across different situations which may give you enjoyment in life. So winning formulae 5 is fixing sharp & clearly defined goals

Health : If wealth is lost, something is lost. But if health is lost, everything is lost. Health is the most important aspect in life. Stress is one thing which affects the health. When stress is increased, it becomes distress and body starts showing continuous head ache, bronchial asthma, lack of memory, concentration, heart attack, High blood pressure, indigestion etc. Stress can not be avoided and only can be managed. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation etc.can help to manage stress. Hence winning formula no6 is practicing relaxation techniques

Knowledge : Knowledge is power. Earning latest knowledge & skills, will remove fear of losing jobs and it gives extra courage to deal with life’s different situations. So acquiring knowledge is winning formula 7

Creative thinking: All of us are gifted with a lot of creative potential. But it lies deep. Just as the sculptor has to chip away some stone with his chisel to release the statue, we have to chip away some of our conventional thinking to release our creative potential. Developing creative thinkinf is formulae no.8

Sharp memory: Memory is a yardstick to measure one’s personality.  The secret of sharp memory lies in systematic storage that facilitates instant retrieval. Everyone of us can have a sharp memory irrespective of age, education and intelligence. Remember, "If you don’t use it, you will soon lose it" . Winning formula 9 is sharp memory.

There are some more aspects which affects the success of a person.

Optimist attitude.

Respecting elders, & superiors

Controlling anger

Honesty in your dealings

Fellow FRIENDS, There is a beautiful say that whatever a mind of a person can conceive and believe . it can achieve. If you master these habits or skills, you can sure to become winner.. These habits are to be consciously acquired, sub-consciously adhere to and finally practiced. When you take care of these, success becomes mandatory and you will be sure winner.

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