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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

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Film review writing is not an easy job as many would think. You need patience to watch a film with a critical eye, perceive all the information about it and then write a detailed film review. A good review is not just a summary of a movie, but a critical analysis that examines why and how a movie works and whether the film succeeds in its presentation.

When writing a film review, always consider who the intended audience is for the film and the audience you are writing for. You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Additionally, it should demonstrate clearly that you not only viewed the movie, but also read the novel or play which formed the basis of the movie.

You should focus your review around a larger argument, such as why the film works or fails to work and what are both the successful and unsuccessful elements. Make sure that you have a major thesis and a set of supporting arguments. A good film review uses scenes and dialogue from the film to support its larger argument. Moreover, a good review focuses on whether and how a movie works and whether the reviewer recommends it. Finally, a good reviewer shows how a movie works both psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, and even spiritually. ( Courtesy:

Tamil Movie: Vettai
directed by N. Linguswamy. The film stars Arya, R. Madhavan, Sameera Reddy

The film revolves around two brothers, the elder being sensitive to violence and the younger being a jobless rogue, settled in Thoothukudi. After the death of their father, a police officer, the elder brother takes on the same job by request of the younger. Read more..

Tamil Movie: Nanban
directed by S. Shankar.The Cast includes Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth, Ileana D'Cruz, Sathyan

Nanban  is a remake of the 2009 Bollywood blockbuster film 3 Idiots, directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Venkatramakrishnan (Srikanth), Sevalkodi Senthil (Jeeva) and Panchavan Parivendan (Vijay) are three engineering students who share a room in the residence of Ideal Engineering College (IEC), Chennai. Venkat is studying engineering to pursue his father's wishes over his own wish ó to become a wildlife photographer. Senthil is studying to raise his family's fortunes and get them out . Read more...

Malayalam Movie: Asuravithu
Director: A K Sajan Cast:Asif Ali, Samvritha Sunil

In 2002, Prithviraj played a dreaded criminal named Saathaan in writer-director A K Sajanís Stop Violence, which was one of the first major hits for the hero. Sajan is trying to emulate the same now, in a sequel titled Asuravithu with Asif Ali as the hero. Read more..

Orkut Oru Ormakkoottu
Cast: Rima Kallingal, Ben, Joe, Vishnu, Anu

Debutant director duo of Manoj and Vinod begins their Orkut Oru Ormakkoottu with a gang of boys who have nothing much to think about, other than women, booze, fun and more fun.After a while, they become attached to a chat friend, who is an adopted girl coming from Germany to find her roots in Kerala. Read more

Tamil Movie: Mounaguru
: Santhakumar, Music: ThamanCast : Arulnithi, Inaya, John Vijay, Uma Riaz Khan,

Take a break from mushy, old-fashioned family dramas and comedy genre, hereís an edge-of-the seat, hard hitting, crime thriller which manages to keep you engrossed and entertained till the end. It keeps you glued to your seat thanks to some terrific performances and taut screenplay. Read more

Tamil movie: Mambattiyan

Direction: Thyagarajan, Cast: Prashanth, Meera Jasmine,Vadivelu

It has been some time since Prashanth was seen on the silver screen. He is back with 'Mambattiyan', remake of a film that spurred his father Thyagarajan to new highs.

The decision to choose a story that propelled his dad to stardom over a couple of decades ago, would have not been a difficult one but it remains to be seen if it has the same impact as the original ('Malaiyur Mambattiyan' featuring Thyagarajan).More..

Malayalam movie: Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum
( Oru Marubhoomi Katha )

The film talks about the problems faced by an ordinary Malayali employee in his company and also in the gulf region. P. Madhavan Nair (Mohanlal) works for a company in Abu Dhabi which is owned by an Arab (Shakti Kapoor). The real problem starts when Ottakathalayan (Mukesh) meets Madhavan Nair. Madhavan Nair also has a lover, and her name is Meenakshi (Lakshmi Rai). More...

Malayalam movie Review: Venicile Vyapari

 Directed by Shafi
Starring : Mammootty, Kavya Madhavan and Poonam Bajwa.

The movie revolves around Pavithran (Mammootty), who lost his parents in his childhood. He enters the police force by chance, though it is not his ambition to do so. So, he resigns and starts exporting coir products from Alappuzha (Alappuzha incidentally is attributed to the sobriquet, Venice of the East) . During this period, he meets and befriends Lakshmi (Poonam Bajwa), who is the manager of a local bank. Another character is Ammu (Kavya Madhavan), who is the leader of the union of coir workers and with whom Pavithran is secretly in love. More...


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