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Toastmasters Competent Leader  manual
(  CL Manual )

Toastmaster | Public Speaking | Impromptu Speech | Ice Breaking ( first) Speech| Evaluation

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The Competent Leadership manual is the core of the leadership track. It features 10 projects, which you complete while serving in various club meeting roles. An evaluator will give you feedback on each project, helping you to improve. When you complete the manual, you are eligible for Competent Leader recognition. Complete the CL application in the manual and ask your vice president education to submit it online to World Headquarters. You'll receive a CL certificate and, if you wish, World Headquarters will send your employer a letter about your accomplishment. 

Each of the ten projects in the Competent Leadership manual focuses on a different leadership skill, providing you background information and an assignment that requires your serving in one or more specified meeting or club roles in which you can practice aspects of that skill. Roles can include Evaluator, Timer, Toastmaster, Ah-Counter and General Evaluator. In most projects you can choose which roles to serve in.

You can complete the manual at your own own pace and work on it at the same time as working on the Competent Communication or Advanced Communication manuals. 

The Competent Leader Manual ( 10 Projects )

Project 1: Listening and Leadership
Listening is an important leadership skill. Good listening helps you to identify and clarify issues, make decisions, resolve conflict and be creative. Listening skills also play a major role in team building. You can learn to be a leader by following a few simple suggestions.
Determine your current listening skills
Identify the seven steps to better listening
Practice listening skills in various club meeting roles

Project 2: Critical Thinking
A leader gathers information, then analyzes, interprets and understands it before acting. Critical thinkers question what they read and hear, then determine the quality of a piece of information and use logical reasoning to reach conclusions. Critical thinkers make better decisions. You can learn to think more critically by following a few suggestions.
Determine your current thinking skills
Practice critical thinking skills in various club meeting roles

Project 3: Giving Feedback
Team members need to know that they are doing well, what they are not doing well and how they can improve. Giving performance feedback is a necessary leadership function. When done properly, feedback can relieve stress, improve interpersonal relationships and promote trust and respect for leaders and team members.
Determine your current skills in giving feedback
Identify the steps in giving feedback effectively
Practice giving feedback as you serve in various club meeting roles

Project 4: Time Management
Time management helps leaders make the most of the time available to them. You can budget your time and accomplish projects and tasks efficiently by identifying long-term and short-term goals, make a daily to-do list, prioritize the list, make a schedule, delegate when possible, leave time for unexpected tasks, and manage interruptions.
Determine your current time management skills
Identify the steps to effectively manage time
Practice time management skills in various club roles

Project 5: Planning and Implementation
A plan provides direction for the leader and the team. The planning process involves setting goals and objectives and preparing plans and schedules to accomplish them. The process forces leaders to look beyond their everyday activities and think about what they want to happen in the future. Involving team members in the process will encourage their commitment.
Determine your current planning and implementation skills
Identify steps in planning and implementation process
Practice planning and implementation skills in various club roles

Project 6: Organizing and Delegating
Leaders must ensure the team is organized and capable of accomplishing goals and objectives, and they must provide the structure in which the team will operate. Delegation also plays a major role. A leaders should accomplish functions that only he or she has the knowledge and authority to do and delegate all other tasks to team members.
Determine your current skills in organizing and delegating
Identify steps in the organizing and delegating process
Practice skills in organizing and delegating during various club roles

Project 7: Developing Your Facilitation Skills
A facilitator establishes the structure of the team needs to function effectively, ensures the structure is working and removes obstacles that may be impeding progress. A facilitator also resolves conflicts that are inevitable any time two or more people are required to work together. Good facilitation skills can help the group reach a resolution.
Determine your current facilitation abilities
Identify facilitation strategies
Practice facilitation skills in various meeting roles

Project 8: Motivating People
A motivated team can overcome obstacles of all types to achieve its goals. A leader creates and maintains an environment where team members are likely to become motivated. Leaders find out what motivates team members, then develops reward systems that match what team members value. They also look for ways to reward team members for doing the right things.
Determine your current motivational skills
Identify conditions that motivate people
Practice motivational skills while serving in club roles

Project 9: Mentoring
A mentor recognizes an individual who has less experience and cultivates that person's potential and talents and helps him or her succeed. Leaders are also mentors. You can be a mentor by offering someone opportunities for skill development, helping the person recognize areas needing work, providing helpful advice, being a role model, and encouraging the person to think for himself or herself.
Determine your current mentoring skills
Identify the steps in being a good mentor
Practice mentoring skills in various club roles

Project 10 Team Building
Teams offer great benefits. Team members have a variety of knowledge and skills, which results in more creativity and greater productivity. When a good team is in place, a leader has more time to devote to leadership issues. Team members must be carefully chosen and trained and encouraged to openly discuss issues with you and among themselves.
Determine your current team-building skills
Identify steps in building a team
Practice team-building skills while serving in various club roles

( Reference District 10 )

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