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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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What is STAAD?
( Structural Analysis and Design Software)

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World's #1 Structural Analysis and Design Software Supporting Indian and major International codes. Mainly used by Civil, Structural  and other Engineers

The choice of 0.2 million Structural Engineers worldwide, STAADpro is guaranteed to meet all your structural engineering needs.

STAADpro features state of the art user interface, visualisation tools, powerful analysis and design engines with advanced finite element (FEM) and dynamic analysis capabilities. From model generation, analysis and design to visualisation and result verification STAADpro is the professional first choice.

STAADpro was developed by practicing engineers around the globe. It has evolved over 20 years and meets the requirements of ISO 9001 certification.

STAADpro has building codes for most countries including US, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, India, China, Euro Zone, Japan, Denmark and Holland.

Structural Analysis And Design :

STAAD-III, the world’s most powerful and popular structural analysis and design software is in use across the globe since 1980. Now it is available in the form of STAAD.Pro which consists of STAAD + STARDYNE +FEMkit + VisualDraw . STAAD.Pro is a comprehensive, general purpose software for integrated structural analysis and design.

STAAD.Pro may be utilized for analyzing and designing practically all types of structures – buildings, bridges, towers, transportation, industrial and utility structures.

STAAD.Pro implements the most modern technologies in today’s Computer-Aided-Engineering.

It unifies leading-edge graphics and visualization techniques with proven and time tested analysis and design. A live, unified database provides seamless integration across all mission critical application – from concept design/analysis to detail design, simulation and visualization.

STAAD.Pro Overview :

  • "Concurrent Engineering" based user environment for model development, analysis, design, visualization and verification.
  • Object-oriented intuitive 2D/3D graphic model generation.
  • Pull down menus, floating toolbars, tool tip help.
  • Flexible Zoom and multiple views.
  • Isometric and perspective views 3D shapes.
  • Built-in Command File Editor.
  • Simple Command Language.
  • Graphics/Text input generation.
  • State-of-the-art Graphical Pre and Post Processor.
  • Rectangular/Cylindrical Coordinate Systems.
  • Joint, Member/Element, Mesh Generation with flexible user-controlled numbering.
  • Efficient algorithm minimizes disk space requirements.
  • FPS, Metric or SI units.
  • Presentation quality printer plots of Geometry and Results as part of run output.
  • Compatible with Win95/98/NT
  • On-line manual and context sensitive help

Graphics Environment :

  • Model Generation
    • Interactive Menu-driven Model Generation with simultaneous 3D display.
    • 2Dand 3D Graphic Generation using rectangular or polar coordinate systems.
    • Segments of repetitive geometry may be used to generate complex structural models.
    • Generate, Copy, Repeat, Mirror, Pivot, etc. or quick and easy geometry generation.
    • Quick/easy mesh generation.
    • Comprehensive graphics editing.
    • Graphical Specification and Display of Properties, Loadings, Supports, Orientations.
    • Import AutoCAD DXF files.
    • Access to Text Editor.

  • Model Verification
    • 2D/3D drawings on screen as well as on plotter/printer.
    • Full 3D shapes for Frames, Elements.
    • Sectional views or views with listed members only.
    • Isometric or any rotations for full 3D viewing.
    • Display of Properties, Loadings, Supports, Orientations, Joint/Member numbering, Dimensions, Hidden line removed, etc.
    • Plot manipulation according to the size, rotation, viewing origin and distance.

Analysis & Design :

  • Static Analysis

    • 2D/3D Analysis based on state-of-the-art Matrix method to handle extremely large job.
    • Beam, Truss, Tapered Beam, Shell/Plate Bending/Plane Stress.
    • Full/Partial Moment Releases.
    • Member Offset Specification.
    • Fixed, Pinned and Spring Supports with Releases. Also inclined Supports.
    • Automatic Spring Support Generator.
    • Linear, P-Delta Analysis, Non-Linear Analysis with automatic load and stiffness correction. Multiple Analyses within same run.
    • Active/Inactive Members for Load-Dependent structures.
    • Tension-only members and compression-only members, Multi-linear spring supports.
    • CIMSTEEL Interface.

  • Dynamic / Sesmic Analysis
    • Mass modeling, Extraction of Frequency and Mode shapes.
    • Response Spectrum, Time History Analysis.
    • Modal Damping Ratio for Individual Models.
    • Harmonic Load Generator.
    • Combination of Dynamic forces with Static loading for subsequent design.

  • Secondary Analysis

    • Forces and Displacements at sections between nodes.
    • Maximum and Minimum force Envelopes.
Load Types and Load Generation :
  • Loading for Joints, Members/Elements including Concentrated, Uniform, Linear, Trapezoidal, Temperature, Strain, Support Displacement, Prestressed and Fixed-end Loads.
  • Global, Local and Projected Loading Directions.
  • Uniform or varying Element Pressure Loading on entire or selected portion of elements.
  • Floor/Area Load converts load-per-area to member loads based on one-way or two-way actions.
  • Automatic Moving Load Generation as per standard AASHTO or user-defined loading.
  • UBC 1997.AIJ/IS 1893/Cypriot Seismic Load Generation.
  • Automatic Wind Load Generation.
  • Factored Load Combinations including algebraic, absolute and SRSS combination schemes.
Finite Element Capabilities :
  • Accurate and numerically Efficient Plate/Shell Element incorporating out-of-plane shear and in-plane rotation.
  • Automatic Element Mesh Generation.
  • Comprehensive Element Stress Output including in-plane stresses, out-of-plane shear, bending and principal stresses at nodal as well as user specified points.

Steel Design :

  • Built-in steel tables including AISC, Australian, British, Canadian, Chinese, European, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and South African. Shapes include I-Beam with or without cover plates, Channels, Angles, Double Angles,/Channels, Pipes and Tubes.
  • User-specified Design Parameters to customize design.
  • Code Check, Member selection and Optimised Member Selection consisting of Analysis/Design cycles.
  • Design codes include AISC (ASD and LRFD), AASHTO. Optional codes include ASCE52, BS5400, BS5950, Canadian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Indian and Scandinavian.
  • Weld deign for all steel shapes.

Concrete Design :

  • Design of Concrete Beam/Column/Slab/Footing as per all major international codes
  • Numerical and Graphical Design Outputs with complete reinforcement details.
  • IS 456-2000 for RCC design implemented.
  • RC detailer as per IS 456-2000 has been implemented which has given a new dimension to RCC design never witnessed in STAAD before.

Timber Design :

  • Code Check/Selection as per AITC Code.

Result Verification :

  • Result verification and display.
  • Deflected and Mode Shapes based on Joint/Section Displacement for user-specified loading or mode shape number.
  • Bending Moment and Shear force diagrams of individual members as well as the entire structure.
  • User-controlled Scale factors for Deflected or Mode shapes.
  • orce/Moment Envelope Plots as max/min for all loads.
  • Stress contour plots.
  • Code Performance Plots for Steel Design.
  • Powerful on-line Query for analysis/design results.
  • Animation of Deflected/Mode shapes, Stress Contours.
Special Features :

Query and Report Generator :

  • These powerful graphics based facilities provide on-screen result verification and customized report generation. User-friendly navigation and organization of data helps you get the information you need with a few simple clicks.
  • Point and click on a member to obtain all the information on its Geometry, Cross-sectional properties, Forces, etc. even design information such as Allowable Stresses, Governing Code Criteria, Reinforcement layout are available.
  • Sort and Search based on required criteria to create customized reports. Arrange and rank the data based on Forces, Moments, Displacements, Stresses, etc. in ascending or descending order.
  • Customize reports to include only the information you want, where you want it, including your company logo.

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