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Civil Engineers – Shaping The World For A Better Tomorrow

Author: Nikos Skouroliakos

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Engineering is the term applied to the profession of knowledge of natural and mathematical aspects. A successful Engineer not only gains his knowledge through books but also through his experience and practices. You will be well aware of the fact that there are many fields of Engineering, and all of them are equally important. Civil Engineering plays a vital role in a country’s development. The Civil engineers are the professionals who are trained in pure and applied sciences to deal with the construction of Dams, Bridges, Tunnels, Thermal Plants, Highways, Airport runways, homes and other commercial structures.

Greece the Land of Engineers:

You will be well aware of the fact that the Greeks were the pioneers of construction. Civil Engineering was born as early between 4000 and 2000 BC. "????????? ?????????", the Greek word which stands for Civil Engineer was the first representation. Parthenon by Iktinos in Ancient Greece (447-438 BC), is a remarkable construction by the civil Engineers of the Greek period. Even today the Civil Engineers of Greece are well known for their outstanding construction skills.

Hands Of Civil Engineers Shaping The World

We cannot image a world without the Civil Engineers. Civil engineers contribute the standard of living to the public and life would have been impossible on Earth without all these Civil Engineers out there. From basic residence to complicated safety units and medical facilities, all are originated from the skills of the civil engineers. With lots of advancements in construction technology, life is becoming more convenient than ever before.

Civil Engineers Concern On Safety

Construction is a complicated task. Apart from the beauty of the construction, the civil Engineer has to consider the effects of nature on the buildings too. The civil Engineers are much concerned about the safety measures of the building and the ability of the buildings to withstand the natural calamities such as earthquakes, flood and storms. Construction becomes more complicated in the construction of structures such as dams and nuclear power plants. As these structures are associated with the safety of thousands of people, the civil engineers face many challenges while constructing these structures.

Renovation of Old and Damaged Buildings

Apart from construction, the civil engineers play an important role in the renovation of old damaged structures. Renovation is considered to be more complicated when compared to the fresh construction. As renovation of existing structures has to be done without damaging the adjacent construction, the task is more challenging. However, the skilled Engineers from Greece are able to do the renovation process with ease. These Greek civil Engineers (????????? ?????????) have gained enormous construction and renovation skills through their experience rather than from just bookish knowledge.

Without all these skilled civil engineers, the world would have been just a blank desert. Certainly these civil engineers are shaping the world for a better tomorrow.

( About the Author:
The Author of this article is a well experienced civil Engineer. With years of experience in constructing complicated structures, he now provides assistance for renovation works. He has also written many articles regarding the construction and renovation works. He is now working with the renovation and construction service providers called nskouroliakos.

Article Source: - Civil Engineers – Shaping The World For A Better Tomorrow )


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