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UK Education: Questions and Answers

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Studying abroad is the in thing for many students. What are the advantages and benefits? We asked some questions to a few students studying in various Universities in U.K and this is what they have to say.

Why did you prefer UK for studying abroad?

UK's biggest assets of all - an education system that is one of the most respected in the world .One major advantage of U.K. education is its one-year Masters Degree for almost all courses - saving considerable time and money. Also, unlike those in other countries, most UK universities recognize the Indian education system of 3-year graduation. (Naveen Kumar Eada, Liverpool John Moores University).

UK is famous for Management Courses and as I have an aim of becoming an entrepreneur, I chose UK.

(Karthik Perumallapalli, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus).

What difference do you see while studying in UK?

The first difference is the change of life-style, weather, study pattern in UK and while studying we will have a lot of international friends. I think we can broaden our ideas which is the most vital factor for a management student.

(Karthik Perumallapalli, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus).

There is no gulf difference but here studies are oriented towards practical activities.moreover,it is very casual with no strict class room atmosphere which gives freedom to think and ask I felt that here we are specially trained for research and look at the problems of the environments in all dimension rather conventional.

(Bharani Shankaralingam .S.S., Middlesex University).

What is it that you like in UK?

First is British library (where I spend my most of my times). Secondly, I like their speech and conversational mannerism which are more gentle and nice.(People here might use more than 100 times sorry, please, lovely ,oh dear, sweet heart, etc.) and their acceptance of Indians as most cultured.

(Bharani Shankaralingam .S.S., Middlesex University).

I like the people here and their respect for each other and I love London. It can't be expressed in words and the other most important thing I love about UK is the technology, which is the latest and sophisticated and also the weather.

(Karthik Perumallapalli, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus).

The things we like in the UK are security, independence, and the equal opportunity policy, which is very difficult to get in India. As the children always live with their parents even if they are 24 years old, it is very difficult to be independent and stand on your own feet. Due to the corruption levels security and the equal opportunity policy are difficult terms and not so popular.

(Nipan J. Maniar, University of Portsmouth).

What are the placement opportunities in UK for Indian students taking up higher education? Which companies come for Campus interviews in each college or university... if they do come?

There are a wide range of opportunities available depending up on the educational qualifications, skills and competence of the student like the career development services.

(Naveen Kumar Eada, Liverpool John Moores University).

The university is getting jobs for U.G students. There are many graduate fairs where many students meet their future employers. But P.G has to do by their own guidance but can be sought from the career center. There are many job centers and it is upto the individual to access it.

(Bharani Shankaralingam .S.S., Middlesex University).

Does an education in UK provide you a global outlook? If so, in what manner?

It does give. In the classes not only the syllabus is dealt but also the international issues are been discussed. For example, I am having hours allocated for discussing our local environmental problems and we will have brain storming session to find solution.(We are 18 students and all are from different parts of the world).now I am able sense the problem in China, Pakistan etc... It is really because of UK education.

(Bharani Shankaralingam .S.S., Middlesex University).

My friends in my class are from different countries and I knew about their place, people, culture and their ideas. We will have a great international exposure with education here. The only place on this planet where 300 languages spoken is London.

(Karthik Perumallapalli, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus).

How did you finance your education? How do you compare financing in UK, as opposed to India?

My parents financed me for my education. The cost of education in the UK consists of two areas: course fees and living costs, which is affordable as students can earn their living expenses.

(Naveen Kumar Eada, Liverpool John Moores University).

My parents sponsored me for my education and financing in UK is good. Here in UK we will earn in pounds, which is far more superior to Indian rupee, and we can save for our future purposes also earning here.

(Karthik Perumallapalli, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus).

We financed our education by taking a loan from an Indian bank before coming over to the UK. At present my department is funding my PhD as well as my Post-graduate Certificate.

(Nipan & Hetal Maniar, University of Portsmouth).

Will you recommend a study in UK in general for juniors back home in India?

It is very important part of UK education is self study. But our school education is bit different. So first it is more important to learn all basics and then have their higher education here .it is subjected to their discretion. I will recommend for those are fixed and steady in their mind and not to involve in any rubbish activities. So I request the parents of the undergraduate students to have an eye over their child to keep in track.(one of my friend ruined himself because of his illicit sex activities) and for PG ,it is recommended.

(Bharani Shankaralingam .S.S., Middlesex University).

What is the off-campus life in UK?

It's wonderful with a wide range of activities with excellent sports facilities, clubs and societies catering for a range of interests and the most importantly there are landscape of wonderful views, seascapes, meadows, and skylines.

(Naveen Kumar Eada, Liverpool John Moores University).

Campus life in UK is great and off-campus life in UK is excellent.There are many places to be visited. I went to Scotland and it is awesome.There are odd-jobs for students by which we can live on our own.

(Karthik Perumallapalli, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus).

The off-campus life is great in Portsmouth and I am sure it will be the same everywhere in the UK. It is a beautiful country with loads of places to see and loads of things to do. There are cinemas and shopping centers everywhere, if you are a shopoholic or a cinema fan. If you are a party person, there are many pubs and discos in every city where you can enjoy a great night out with your friends. If you want to go away for a long weekend or a great holiday, there are fantastic deals almost all year round and the best thing is you get student discounts and everything, so it is cheaper!!

(Hetal Nipan Maniar, University of Portsmouth)

Can you give details of on-campus facilities in your institution?

A good library, Internet facilities, friendly staff and people, great location and so on.

(Pratheesh Vaniyan, John Moores University).

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