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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

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Canada, a place so cool for its temperatures and the . Internationally Recognized Education that it offers. Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first rate education system with high standards. The country spends more on education (as a percentage of Gross National Product) compared to the Organisation for Economic and Co-operation and Development (OECD) average, and is highest among G-7 countries. Canadian students consistently rank among the best in world on international tests of reading, science and mathematics such as the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment - a testament to the outstanding quality of Canadian schools. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is recognized globally as being equivalent to those from the United States and Commonwealth countries and that's exactly what puts Canada as a popular destination for higher education. With a distinction of the fact that many well regarded leaders in business, government and academic circles around the world have received part of their education - language studies and! or academic - in Canada, it throws open a world of opportunities for the Indian students.

Overseas Education in Canada is competitively priced, enabling the international students to save considerably by studying in this country, in comparison with some of the other top destina­tions such as the US.

Canada is indeed a place to live in, as every visitor enjoys the quality of life that is recognized worldwide. From safe neighbourhoods in some of North America's most cosmopolitan cities to top-notch healthcare and public transportation, low crime rate, excellence permeates every aspect of Canadian life  including a world class higher education system, and overall rated by the United Nations as a top destination in the world.

As the world's second largest country, Canada offers tremendous geographic variety, Pacific coastal mountains, sweeping prairies, sparkling skylines in sophisticated cities and some UNESCO recognised World Heritage Sites and a beautiful environment for every student

High on Sports and leisure activities, this cool place gets your adrenaline pumping for action and adventure while you study.

Cosmopolitan and Innovative, Canada is an international leader in computer and information technologies and has a reputation for excellence in such sectors as telecommunications, transportation and engineering and specifically, aerospace, urban transport microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydroelectric and nuclear power, lasers and optoelectronics, bio­technology, and ocean and environmental industries. Media, entertainment and artistic endeavours are well developed in Canada.

As a bilingual Nation, Canada offers superior English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) programs for students wishing to learn either or both languages.

Canada. traditionally been a country of immigrants, prevails as multicultural and welcoming the foreign students.

With almost all of the world's ethnic groups are represented in Canada, most ethnic foods and recreation activities associated with specific cultures are available in Canada.

Clubs and associations representing a multitude of ethnic backgrounds are also easily ac­cessible. International student advisors can help students get in touch with such groups.

As a student you have the opportunity to work while you study with a work permit. There are a variety of programs and funding available to non Cana­dians looking to study in Canada and to know more information on scholarships log onto

( The Hindu)


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