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IAS topper 2006
 Mona Pruthi

IAS topper: Only studies not enough

You aspire to work in the Indian Civil Services. Will studying hard make you successful in your career too?

According to this year's IAS topper Mona Pruthi, who chatted with Get Ahead readers on May 12: 'Only studying hard does not get you to the top. You must also be dedicated and committed to be a good administrator.'

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: 'Confidence clinches this exam'

Bakrishna asked, Mona ji, Sir Mark Tully has said in his book : "I have found so often in India that the government was the problem not the solution….and…that Indian police are only for the poor, they don't touch the rich and the influential…"…we all know that whatever he has written is a fact.How do you think this impression can be changed?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
In a crisis like the tsunami or while planning a venture like the Delhi metro, it is always the government which rises to the occasion. Change will come with more transparency in government and a more aware people.

zub asked, Are you of the opinion that persons who top Civil Service Exams only by studying Very hard Will be Good Administrators also

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Only studying hard does not get you to the top. You must also be dedicated and committed to be a good administrator.

chatursb asked, Hi Congrats,, how d u rate ur self.. whats the Success mantra

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Sincere hard work, clever thinking, time management and a balanced approach.

SibiDelhi asked, You should study what Thampi Kannanthanam and TN Sheshan did in the past. You told me to clarify the double stantard in the Indian Education System. Here it is. There are all the facilities available for rich people and nothing for poor people. The situation is worse in rural areas. We have English medium and local language medium schools. We have Government and private management schools and colleges. Even after scoring 92% marks in maths in matriculation from a local language medium school, I struggled for my higher study. But I can see thousands acquiring seats even after scoring less in exams.

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Lots of people from rural areas are making it big in life. You can think of new ways and opportunities.

manjit asked, mam i m final year student from PTU nd i want to appear for 2007 so how i can start?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Start reading NCERT textbooks from class six to twelve. Select two good options that interest you and work on them. Read the The Hindu newspaper everyday.

prachi asked, mona iam in 12th class commerce stream,can u tell me what areas should i focus upon to get through the iam?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
General studies, commerce and second optional like economics.

amatnath asked, Hi Monaji. Congrats. My question is "I am working as a software professional and cannot quit my job for monetary reasons. But still I want to prepare for IAS while in the job. I know it is very difficult. But do you think sustained effort (as far as time devoted per day is concerned) over a longer period of time can possibly be a way for IAS preparation"

Mona Pruthi answers, 
I prepared while being in an employment. Concentration, clever use of available time and resources are important. Yes it is possible.

Mahavir1 asked, Will it be Ok if I prepare for preliminary part time for 8 months and study dedicated for 4 months?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
More than enough.

braje asked, How do you study? do yo read read and read.. or do you read and write. or some other way of study.. Do you do meditate..?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Read, think, write and think again. 

amit nanchahal asked, hey mona i am ma eco...but everyone says eco is the most toughest to crack any advice and is it true.  

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Tough but very good subject.

karthikeyan_t asked, Is it more difficult for people who chose 'technical' subjects like medicine as their main subject in the ias exams to pass out?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
No, lots of doctors get in.

rahul_9051 asked, hi mona............. congratulation Welcome to join our Group........... I am also an I.A.S. of 2004........I got 27th Rank and completed my training.

Mona Pruthi answers, 

Kunal911 asked, hi, which thing has influenced you most in becoming the exam topper: Failing in the first two attempts or having MPhil in Literature?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
I didn't fail both. In fact I got IRS in 2004.

kantha asked, Are you going to remove corruption in Public life?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Yes, wherever I work.

rajesh_841 asked, mam, pls let me know from where i can get the study material for GS and which books should be refer

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Libraries, NCERT books and bookshops in Ber Sarai, JNU, Delhi.


Mona Pruthi answers, 
Two good newspapers, current magazines and standard texts like Bipan Chandra and DD Basu.

kanti asked, Hi Mona How are you feeling now after clearing the examination of IAS. Please let me know that what are the major steps whiich you have taken to cross this exam.

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Feeling good and satisfied with my work. It has been a long journey.

Mona Pruthi says, I'm sorry I couldn't take all the questions. Will chat again soon. Till then work hard, enjoy yourself and take care.

IAS topper's mantras for success

You are determined to join the prestigious Indian Administrative Services.

As a career choice, your decision is not surprising; the IAS provides a competitive, challenging work environment, job security and a host of other attractive monetary and non-monetary benefits.

But, first, you must crack the rigorous selection process.

This consists of a preliminary exam, a main exam and an interview conducted by the Union Public Service Commission;  ONLY the most intelligent, capable and responsible individuals make it through this gruelling process.

Mona Pruthi from Haryana, who topped the exam this year, offers her tips for success.

An unusual decision

Mona, who is currently training with the Indian Revenue Service, is an M Phil in Literature. She made an unusual decision when she decided to give the exam -- she did not register in a training institute that coaches students for competitive exams

"I feel you can study better at home. But you should carefully select the material you want to study," she says.

i. Focus

You must have clarity of thought and the ability to stay focused on your studies.

ii. Good writing skills

"You must be able to write very well," she says.

This will help you present facts well and in a pleasant manner.

iii. Try, try, try and you will succeed

This was Mona's third attempt at the exam. "My first attempt was a casual one," she explains. But the experience helped her understand the kind of questions one could expect and how they must be dealt with.

She did better on her second attempt and managed to enter the Indian Revenue Service.

iii. Time management

After a long, hard day at the revenue office in Faridabad, Haryana, where she was training, Mona would return to her house in Sector 15. After spending some time on a cup of tea and chatting with her family, Mona would study for the exam.

"One of the main task before an IAS officer is time management. I would do my work in the Indian Revenue Service and then come home and study. I would devote good number of hours everyday for my studies. I think I have already learnt how to manage my time," she smiles.

She is now looking forward to training as IAS officer.

v. My study strategy

An M Phil in English literature, Mona has been constantly good in academics; an added advantage was her excellent grasping power.

She would carefully select her books and literature and, in cases of confusion, hold discussions with her father, who worked in the Indian Judicial Service. "His judicial background helped me clarify a lot of things," she says.

You must keep assessing your points of strength and keep on improving upon them, she explains. Simultaneously, keep working on your shortcomings and turn them to your advantage.

Mona dedicates her success to her parents; she says they were her inspiration and gave her moral support all the time. "Unfortunately, my father died one and a half month ago," she adds sadly.

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