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By Suniklumar Ravi: The sniper took his rifle and aimed at his prey. He pressed his trigger, once, twice bullets passed through his target's head. Blood splashed everywhere in the limousine, brain scattered.

The world's most powerful person, American president John F Kennedy lay dead. Shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald. The year was 1963. How could this have happened? Who is Lee Harvey Oswald? What motivated him to do this? What did he achieve out of this act? Self satisfaction or taking out his vengeance upon the society?

There have been many such assassinations throughout history, even after Kennedy. Indira Gandhi in '84, Rajiv Gandhi in '91 and quite recently, Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

What is violence? Violence is the act of harming or desecrating any form of nature. In today's society violence is everywhere. It is in the news, streets, video games, cartoons, magazines, novels, movies and everywhere. On one hand it entertains us, and on the other, it destroys us if we let it grow. Violence in movies entertains us but a real one, it pains, it shocks, it kills and sometimes we won't be able to recover from it. There are different forms of violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, workplace violence, violence created by the mentally ill, violence against the system of a country, or for personal gain. Terrorism is an extreme form of violence. But where does all this violence lead to us? How we can make the world free of violence?

Every morning we see that the news paper headlines themselves are about violence. Younger generation are misled by this news. They grow up to think that violence is cool, violence is one of the ways of getting things done. How can we make our younger generation to understand that violence is not the answer? That it is not the right way to life's problems?

If we analyse the root cause of violence, the answer is "anger". How to control anger? A person has to control his anger whatever may be the reason, whether he is at home, office or any other social gathering. We can see people doing destructive things around the world out of anger, so we need to control it and get rid of it. There are so many ways to control anger. Take a deep breath and exhale or leave the place for some time or start counting in your mind or try to smile. Nowadays corporates are conducting programs on conflict resolution for their employees. The idea is that conflicts should not reach a level which is harmful to the company. Conflict resolution is a technique by which conflict is eliminated at the source. 

In UK and US non violence is a subject and continuously taught up to high school. In Europe and other parts of the world, there are anger management schools and various programs and workshops are conducted across the management colleges, corporate etc.

Have you heard of nonviolent communication? This movement was developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg. He is doctorate in clinical psychology. He developed new forms of communication that would give a peaceful solution to the violence he encountered. His teaching style was so intimate and powerful, that is the reason he was different from other non violent communicators.

Friends, what ever I discussed here is for a particular group of people only. Just think about the very poor class which they cannot afford to go to school or not even have sufficient food. There is the real problem, negligence from the parents, from the society, from the community. These guys grow up with vengeance and finally they turned out to be rebellious.  Let us go back Lee Harvey Oswald. Very younger age he lost his father and he was put in an orphanage. He was a drop out from school. Joined American Navy as a marine. Twice court marshalled trying for homicide. Poorly performed during his career. His girlfriend dumped him. All stages of his life, he was neglected, ignored and humiliated what so may be the reason and finally society moulded him as an assassinator. This is the case of one Lee. Think about 10 people or a group of persons and if they all join together

Who is responsible for such situation? We are responsible because of our behaviour. We are not treating our fellow human beings in a humanely way. Everywhere class division, Elite class, rich class, middle class, poor class and so on. There is no equality.

 Anger, violence is not a solution for anything. History has proved it. What is the position of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King in the World history? How they are being rated?

Very simple "Great". Where does Hitler stand? That name is used as a synonym to violence. 

To conclude, please remember these words eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. We have to inspire our people to be kind, tolerable and lovable in order to have a peaceful world.

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