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L.Srikumar Pai
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Sunilkumar Ravi: This evening I stand in front of you, to share my views on organ donation and also to persuade all of you to take oath that you will become a part of this campaign. I believe that most of us will be willing to give the ultimate gift to somebody after we have left this earth. 

What is organ donation? It is a pledge that a person takes during his life time that after his death, one or more of his organs can be removed and transplanted to any terminally ill patients requiring those organs.

Have you ever encountered a situation that your dear one is in need of a human organ to save his/her life? Did any of you have a situation that somebody approached you for such help? Has anybody noticed how many patients are waiting for such noble act from us? No I don't think so.

Statistics show that only in United States of America, there are 79,000 patients on the waiting list for organ transplant. 3000 are added to this total in a month. Think about the world population. To add to the sentiments, it is to be noted that out of 79,000 patents, 10% are children of below 18 years. I would like to share a true story. Mr Dale Carlson, decided to get married by the end of July 2005. 2 weeks before the auspicious day he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Dale had always been a healthy guy, a good athlete, but he went nuts when he started encountering breathing problem, loosing weight and problems with bowels. Finally he landed in emergency room. A battery of tests later, Dale and his fiancée Laura were shocked to hear the diagnosis. A course of treatment was decided in various clinics and finally he under went Chemotherapy. A good friend of Dale, a doctor advised to keep his sperm before chemotherapy, since Laura and Dale suspected whether they could have children. They rescheduled their marriage to next March. But just a few months later Dale heard the disturbing news that his enemy was back with more severity. Again he went for a second course of chemotherapy, finally the doctors told him he should undergo a bone marrow transplantation. The question was who could be the donor and whether it would match the requirements. As with any other transplants, blood and bone marrow of the patient should match with an appropriate donor. While selecting a donor doctors check how immunologically both of them are identical. The transplantation team generally starts with checking the compatibility of the family members. Siblings have 1 in four chances to get a match. Dale does not have any brothers or sisters. More than a year under great stress he has to wait for a donor. In 2007 June the clinic informed that there was a donor whose organ perfectly matched with him. Dale and Laura were anxiously waiting to meet their savior. Melaine the donor, the new little sister came from Germany to Arizona. She gave a new life to Dale. Now he is happily married with 2 children.

friends, most of us do not have the real idea about organ transplantation. Lots of people think that donating means that huge needle plunged into the hip bone and has to suffer severe pain. All we have to do undergo oral cotton swap for registering purposes and filling some forms, it is as simple as blood donation. Most of the cases the donor and the recipient do not meet each other.  Some people worry that, will there any opening left out as they are dead. The answer is no. The surgery is not done at home. It is being conducted in a well equipped hospital by highly qualified doctors.

You will be treated with top most respect and dignity as a living body and of course you can have an open casket funeral if you wish. In almost all the countries organ transplantation is legalized. In India only, immediate blood relations can donate the organ as per organ transplant policy act of 1994.

There are two types of donors. One is a living donor and the other is Cadaver donor. Living donor can donate only certain organs like one kidney, a small portion of lever or a portion of pancreas.

Cadaver donor or the donor after death there are no restrictions. What is the correct or appropriate time for organ removing? The exact time is when the brain is dead. Brain dead means brain cannot send any more messages to the body to perform vital functions like breathing, sensation or obeying commands etc. Immediately after certifying brain death, the body is transferred to the ventilator and will be artificially kept live until the organs are removed.  

What all organs and tissues can be donated? They are eyes, middle ear, heart valve, liver, bones, pancreas, bone marrows, kidneys etc. The procedure for organ donation is very simple. All you have to do is fill up the HODR form and get it signed by two close relatives of yours and sent it to HODR. On receipt of your requisition, the authorities will send you a registration card indicating your registration number. This card needs to be carried always and the information should be shared among your dear ones.

Why I advocate for organ donation is that, after I leave this earth my organs are of no use for me. Then why I should not donate my organs, to give life to somebody and to enlighten their life.

To conclude , dear friends the gift of life is the most amazing gift anybody can give to any human beings, so today we take an oath we shall become a part of this organ donation campaign and through our organs, we will allow the ill fated persons to see the world, hear the world or smell the world.

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