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Guinness record: Apa Sherpa
 ( The only man in history to reach the top of the world ( Everest)  21 times)

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Apa Sherpa is the only man in history to reach the top of the world ( Everest)  21 times. As the world record holder of the most summits of Everest, Apa is widely recognized to be one of the greatest living mountaineers.

Ironically, summiting Everest was never a goal for Apa. At 12 years of age, he first began working as an expedition porter to earn money following the untimely death of his father. Leaders and trekkers alike immediately noticed the child who, despite his exceedingly small stature, carried loads greater than his own weight with strength, quickness and a wide smile.

Coming from Thame, the hometown of Everest legend Tenzing Norgay, it was almost inevitable that Apa would become a high altitude sherpa on Everest. He began carrying loads on Everest in 1988, but it wasn’t until May 10, 1990, that he reached the summit for the first time along with Rob Hall, Gary Ball, and Peter Hillary.

Since that memorable day, Apa has participated in 21 Everest expeditions and reached the summit 20 times. Adhering to a simple philosophy that “Everest will always be there” and it is more important to keep all team members and sherpas safe, Apa has led his teams to amazing success. He is the recipient of three medals of commendation from the royal family of Nepal as well as being recognized by mountaineering associations around the world.

If Apa could have planned his life, differently, however, he says that he would gladly have given up the world records for a good education and a career as a medical doctor. That is why education for his own children and for the other children from Thame is his top priority.

It is this desire for his children’s education that has brought Apa to the United States. While the decision to leave his homeland was a difficult one, Apa knows that his new home will bring him continued opportunities to pass on all that he has learned from climbing.

Awards and Sponsorships
· Nine time Guinness Book of World records for the most summits of Mt. Everest

· Climate-for-Life ambassadors Apa Sherpa Sherpa received WWF’s prestigious “Leaders for a Living Planet” award in a ceremony held at Gland, WWF’s Secretariat in Switzerland

· Recipient of three medals of commendation from the royal family of Nepal as well as being recognized by mountaineering associations around the world.

· World Leadership Award: Given by the Supreme Master Ching Hai

· 2009 UTAH “Best of State Award”, Professional Athlete category

· July 4th 2009, Apa Sherpa Day, Las Vegas Nevada Presentation by the Mayor of Las Vegas

· September 2009 Apa Sherpa Citizen of the month Nevada, Las Vegas NV.

· Draper Utah 2010 Grand Marshall for the city and parade.

· 2008-2009 Sundance Film Festival “Presenter” Best adventure film

· 2007 Brunton Product Sponsor. Solar Power, binoculars, Spotting Scope

· 2007-2008 EKAY Product sponsor, Chap stick, carabineers,

· 2007 Cannon G-9 Camera and HD video camera sponsor

· 2007-2009 Salt Lake Tribune media sponsor

· 2008 Outdoor Magazine Top 100 visionary giants you need to know

· 2008 Mountain Smith Back Packs product sponsor

· 2008-2009 Ritz Pixs Film printing, camera product support

· 2008-2009-2010 Diamond Mold Summit banner sponsor

· 2008-2009-2010 SD-7 Summit banner sponsor

· 2008-2009- 2010 Eco Everest Expedition Team Leader. 2009 Eco Everest team cleaned off 13,000 lbs of garbage off of Everest in 2009 with the help of all the Sherpas and clean up sponsors.

· 2010 Asian Trekking, Eco Everest Summit permit and team support

· 2010 SOLARUS Lending Group “ Summit Banner Sponsor “

· 2010 Travel Host Magazine “ Summit Banner Sponsor “

· 2010 Bohemian Brewery “ Summit Banner Sponsor “

· 2010 Eddie Bauer/ First Ascent, Summit Banner Sponsor “Official Outfitter “of all apparel. Professional Athlete. Marketing includes National and International use of Apa’s likeness, Social media outlet marketing and advertising

· 2010 Suunto Professional Athlete 2010, Summit banner sponsor, product testing, reviews. Highlighted in 2010 Suunto catalog, Web-site marketing Apa wearing product. T-6 Heart monitors watch testing on Mt Everest.

· 2010 Hot Chillys Professional Athlete

Ascents of Mount Everest
# Date Expedition
1 May 10, 1990 International
2 May 8, 1991 Sherpa Support/American Lhotse
3 May 12, 1992 New Zealand
4 October 7, 1992 Everest International
5 May 10, 1993 American
6 October 10, 1994 Everest International
7 May 15, 1995 American On Sagarmatha
8 April 26, 1997 Indonesian
9 May 20, 1998 EEE
10 May 26, 1999 Asian-Trekking
11 May 24, 2000 Everest Environmental Expedition
12 May 16, 2002 Swiss Everest 50th Anniversary Expedition 1952-2002
13 May 26, 2003 American Commemorative Expedition
14 May 17, 2004 Dream Everest Expedition 2004
15 May 31, 2005 Climbing for a cure
16 May 19, 2006 Team No Limit
17 May 16, 2007 SuperSherpas™
18 May 22, 2008 The Eco Everest Expediton
19 May 21, 2009 The Eco Everest Expedition
20 May 21, 2010 The Eco Everest Expedition


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