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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

See my 3d perspectives using AutoCAD & 3DS Max.
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Universities- Autralia

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Bond University
Australia's first private independent university, Bond University in Queensland maintains this home page to provide information on academic departments, programs of study and admissions criteria. Includes a staff index, descriptions of student services and special educational and research programs.

Claremont College
Located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Claremont College invites visitors to its home page to review the campus photo album and academic programs. Links to sites of interest on and off campus are provided.

Curtin University of Technology
Australia's Curtin University of Technology introduces its students, faculty and facilities via Curtin Link. Explore Curtin's academic departments and libraries or check out its hot list of Internet sites.

Edith Cowan University
The Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, maintains this site for its campus-wide information service. Visitors will find faculty and student directories, departmental course offerings, computer services, library collections, employment opportunities and other academic resources.

Flinders University
The Flinders University of South Australia in Adelaide maintains this site of general information and Internet resources. Visit here to learn about its campus, programs, faculty and students.

Griffith University
The home page of Australia's Griffith University serves as an online brochure of general information about the school. Academic programs, publications and a student directory are featured.

James Cook University
The James Cook University home page contains information on this North Queensland university's academic departments, general and administrative services, faculty listings and campus info sites. Includes links to remote services.

La Trobe University
The La Trobe University home page supplies general information and statistics regarding its students, faculty, curriculum and campus life in Bundoora. Also featured are links to associated Internet sites.

Macquarie University
Australia's Macquarie University offers access to its general information services at this site. University-only information exists side-by-side with descriptions of academic programs and student life.

Monash University
The home page for Monash University, "Australia's international university," contains departmental and admissions information. In addition, visitors will find such resources as university services and directories, faculty handbooks, newsletters and reports.

Northern Territory University
Northern Territory University in Australia features links to its library along with profiles of the faculty and administration on a colorful home page. Visitors can view student resources, read about academic departments and programs or search for individuals through the phone and e-mail directory.

Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, provides campus maps and a bus timetable here, along with general information on its students and staff. Includes links to university library and counseling services.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology provides information about its campus, programs, faculty and students. Visit here to learn about RMIT and link to affiliated organizations.

University of Adelaide
The University of Adelaide home page provides information on programs of study, academic departments, faculty listings and admissions at this South Australia university. Includes info on student services, campus publications, facilities and computer support.

University of Ballarat
University of Ballarat students and others wishing to know more about this Australian university can visit and learn about programs offered to the over 4,000 students as well as administrative policies.

University of Canberra
The University of Canberra (Australia) presents a vast storehouse of info at its campus-wide information service site, including the university handbook, course info, an events calendar, a campus map and Internet resources, to name just a few.

University of Melbourne
At the campus information system for the University of Melbourne, Australia, visitors will find university news and events updates, phone and e-mail directory services, links to faculties and departments, and information on research projects.

University of New England
Prospective students can retrieve academic, administrative and community information from the home page Australia's University of New England in New South Wales.

University of New South Wales
Australia's University of New South Wales offers links to its academic departments as well as to other Australian universities, institutions and laboratories. This site also allows visitors to access the university's library catalog.

University of Queensland
The University of Queensland's Web Server introduces visitors to the school's digitalized resources, from its gopher server to news of its external affairs and community services. Student home pages and a listing of staff vacancies are also provided.

University of Southern Queensland
Poke around the campus of the University of Southern Queensland by way of its Funnel Web site. Access people and academic departments for a general view of the school's educational resources and opportunities.

University of Sydney
The University of Sydney provides information about the campus here. Browsers will find data about libraries, administraion and links to "the outside world."

University of Tasmania
This gopher server highlights the University of Tasmania, linking visitors to its various departments and libraries, administrative, computing and networking services, and other information archives.

University of Technology, Sydney
The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, maintains this site for general information and Internet resources. Visit here to learn about its campus, academic programs and people. Information about its Internet-related courses, such as Website authoring, is also available.

University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
The Macarthur campus of Australia's University of Western Sydney offers campus news and educational informational services at this site. Use Macarthur Web to browse the library catalog or contact the school's research offices.

University of Western Sydney, Nepean
InfoNepean, the campus information system of the University of Western Sydney at Nepean, provides information about its staff, academic and research opportunities, policies and library. Visitors can also connect with other UWS campuses and a variety of Internet resources.

University of Wollongong
The University of Wollongong is a public education facility located in Australia. Its site contains information on the school's academic programs, faculty, departments, clubs and social activities.


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