P.R. Ramachander  is from Chelakkara, Kerala. He specialized as a biometical statistician as well as an applied geneticist and served as Head of Division of four different ICAR research Institutes in India as Head of division of Statistics. After 36 years of service during which he wrote 150 research papers, and three books he retired in the year 2000.

He was deeply interested in bringing out the majesty of his religion to the young. As a result he took up translation of  Hindu prayers in to English, The result of  the work of God , got done through him is this web site.He has also published two booka, one on Rudram and another on Lalitha Sahasranamam. Ramachander is now 70 and lives with his partner in life Smt.Jayalakshmi (who is his inspiration in life)  in Bangalore. He is also blessed with a dutiful son and a darling daughter as well three glorious grand children Maithree, Rohan and Yamini


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