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Guidelines for Gulf job-seekers

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MUSCAT — A total of 16 guidelines have been identified for all Indians wishing to come to the Gulf (including Oman) for employment purposes.

Before leaving to a Gulf country, it is imperative that the potential employee checks and see whether their visa is okay and whether it is appropriate for the job that they are going to undertake in the Gulf.

“Do not rely on what the recruiting agent tells you. Copies of your visa should be kept with yourself and with your family in India,” Gopakumar said.

Check and re-check with the recruiting agent or company about the exact terms of contract — especially about the duration of contract, salary, working hours, renewal of labour card, place of work and terminal benefits.

If the contract is in Arabic, it should be translated into English and the exact contents of the contract should be clearly understood.

If the agents/company say that this is the initial contract, the potential employee should demand for the final contract too.

Before coming for any job in Gulf, including Oman, collect the possible details of the company/sponsor, like telephone, GSM, fax number, office location etc.

For this, you may approach the authorities concerned here, the Indian Embassy, Indian Social Club, friends and relatives, etc.

Also keep one set of photocopies of the visa, passport, contract/agreement, details of the sponsor/company, etc. with your spouse/parents/relatives in India. It maybe of use, if any problems arise.

Checklist for Indian workers coming for employment in Oman


Check with the recruiting agent/ company the exact terms of the contract — especially about the duration of contract, salary, working hours, other benefits like housing. Food, vacation, tickets for going home, responsibility for making renewal of labour card, the place where you are supposed to work, living conditions and terminal benefits If the contract is in Arabic you should have it translated into English and also understand the contents of the contract before signing it. If the contract is an “initial contract”, then you must ask for the “final contract” and sign that before leaving India. A copy of the contract should be left with the spouse/parents (those who figure in the passport).


Check with your agent the exact details (name, address, tel/fax nos) of your Omani sponsor/ employer (known as Kafeel or Arbab) — whether it is a person or a company, and the person who is supposed to supervise your work. Get the telephone number of this person and talk to him before leaving India. Ask him or the agent about who is going to receive you at the airport, how will you be transported to your residence or work place, etc. If you are not familiar with Arabic and English and if this employer knows only Arabic or English, then you should ask someone else who knows Arabic/English to talk to him over the telephone from India in your presence to get all the details and finalise your programme accordingly.


Knowledge of English and Arabic is very useful and it would be good if you could pick up some basic Arabic before coming to Oman.


While having your passport made either through the agent or directly, you must furnish your correct particulars and correct address. This is also important in the case of any untoward incident that may occur. You must always truthfully record all your particulars. When you get your passport, please check that all your particulars are recorded properly and if there is any mistake you should have it corrected. Do not travel on a passport, which is inaccurate. Make sure that your address, name of wife/ parents are correctly written. In case you need an ECNR endorsement from the Protector of Emigrants (POE) office, make sure, that the stamp is for the purpose for which you are travelling to Oman. You would also have to deposit money equivalent to one-way fare with the POE. Keep this challan deposit safe as you can claim the money back at the end of your contract period. Remember: Your Passport is the ONLY document of your identity while abroad. You must always carry a photocopy of the passport and also leave a copy with your wife/ parents in India.

5. VISA:

Before leaving India, check whether your visa is the appropriate one. It should be an employment visa and NOT a visit visa. Do not rely on what the recruiting agent tells you. Copies of your visa should be kept with yourself and with your family in India.


Before coming to Oman you must talk to people who are either working or have been to Oman in the recent past to know about the living and working conditions. You must be thoroughly acquainted with all this and you must not come here only on the basis of what your recruiting agent tells you. Your agent may promise you a lot of things but not all of them are true. It is always advisable to talk to people who have already worked in Oman to now the exact situation here.


Photocopies of your passport and the contract that you have signed should be available with you in adequate numbers.

You must also leave a set of the photocopies of your passport and contract with full address/telephone and fax nos. of your sponsor with your family in India so that in time of need you may be able to get the same easily. Carry at least 10 of your recent passport-size photos with you.


When you get your air ticket to Oman you must check how you are going to be transported to the place where you are to go. Confirm in advance that there will be someone to receive you at the airport.


You must be extremely careful not to accept any gift or packet or any item from the recruiting agent, friends, acquaintances etc. It may contain drugs or other contraband material.


If you are under medication and if you are carrying certain prescribed medicines you must have a doctor’s prescription in original and the medicines should be carried along with its original packing and literature so that custom authorities can easily identify them.


In many cases, recruiting agents are known to charge exorbitant amount of fees from the workers. The company or person recruiting you would in any case be paying to the agent, and therefore, there is no need for you to pay anything to the agent. You should not take a loan, sell land or pawn your property jewellery to pay the agent. Do not get carried away by the so-called green pastures’ theory that recruiting agents sell to prospective candidates coming to Oman and other Gulf countries


You must be aware of how to use telephones at the airports in case you are stranded at the airport. It is advisable to carry a few contact numbers of friends etc., in Oman who can be contacted in case of difficulty.


Do not sign another contract on arrival if the terms and conditions are inferior to what you signed in India or if it is in a language that you do not understand. Do not sign on any piece of paper that is in a language that you do not understand.


Upon arrival register yourself with the embassy. It is important that the embassy knows your contact details.


While in Oman always carry a copy of your passport that should have a valid visa and a valid labour card.


Kindly note that in Oman, the traffic moves on the right side (as against left side in India) of the road. It takes some time to get used to it. There are a number of deaths due to traffic accidents owing to this. Pedestrians have to be particularly cautious while on roads or crossing roads.

Once in Oman, in case of any problem you may contact the Labour Wing of the embassy at the following address:

Embassy of India, Muscat
P.O. Box: 1727,
Postal Code: 112,
Sultanate of Oman.
Tel: 24814120, 24814274,
24814239, 24810536.

( courtesy: Times Oman )

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