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The heroine Devayani, imported from Mumbai, has shattered the age-long belief that only the actresses wearing only minimum quantity of clothes on their body and exhibiting  glamour-acting on screen, could get an enviable place in the hearts of the cine-goers! For, she has earned extraordinary reputation among the audiences, merely by appearing in the get-up of family-girl in films.

                Reddish complexion..Sociable, talkative nature...Family type appearance...Apple cheeks...Moon-like face....all these put together make Devayani..

                   Her native place is Mumbai. There, she was born on June 22, at a local hospital by name 'Sushma'. Her father's name is Jayadev. Mother is Lakshmi. Devayani has 2 brothers----Mayoor and Nakkul.

                  She studied B.Com. in a college in Mumbai. An astrologer used to visit their house in those days. He was telling that one day Devayani would shine in filmfield..Immediately Devayani had reacted saying: 'It isn't possible...Not even in dreams...' Also the comment came from their parents: 'The astrologer has lost his balance of mind!' 

                  But, just as the astrologer had said, a film chance from Hindi field had really come. That film was "Goyal". She was introduced as heroine in it. The director had changed the name 'Devayani' as 'Goyal' for the film. When the 1st shooting-schedule of this film was going on, the astrologer had again come to her house and predicted that the film won't get released at all! What a surprise? That film stopped half finished, because of financial problems!

               Devayani's parents got upset. They wandered helter-skelter in search of that astrologer. At last they met him. He told that definitely Devayani would be getting other language film chances and hence they should continually strive for those chances. After that Devayani gave up her studies. Later she began acting in Malayalam films.

              In Tamil, she acted in K.S.Athiyamaan's "Thottaa Chinungi". She teamed with Ajithkumar in "Kalloori Vaasal" and acted in "Sivasakthi" in which Sathyaraj and Prabu did main roles. After that, as there were no new film offers, she went back to Mumbai.

             A few months later, she was booked for Agathyan's "Kaathal Kottai". That film proved to be a new-record-creating, super-hit! "Surya Vamsam" became her next super-hit. She came to be treated as one of the leading Tamil film heroines.

              The habit has come to stay with her that whenever she experiences any mental tension, she uses to bite her finger nail! She hates politics as well as politicians! She is very pious that if she enters into the prayer room, she may indulge in prayer even for an hour long time!

              She's an expert in cooking. Whether it's vegetarian food or non-veg. items, her preparations excel in taste. She's a good eater too! She has belief in superstition and omens.

              When she was studying 1st std. in Mumbai, she's said to have gone missing one day, while she, along with her family members, had gone to Jugu Beach. But miraculously, she had found her way home. She knows Tamil, English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and Gujatathi very well. Her favourite artistes are Sanjeevkumar, Shammi Kapoor, Jayabadhuri, Sree Devi, Gemini Ganesan, Padmini and Savithri.
                She has received Tamilnadu Government's Best Actress award for her performance in "Kaathal Kottai", in 1997. She says that she's her own competitor.

Name  Devayani
Native Place Mumbai
Mother Tongue Malayalam
Birth Date and Month 22nd June
Educational Qualification B.Com. National College, Mumbai
Entry into Tamil filmfield Through "Kaathal Kottai".
What did you do before that? Did act in one Hindi film
Turning Point? "Kaathal Kottai".
Known Arts Stitching, Painting, Acting
Guru in Life? Jaya Bhaduri
First picture experience? I was bold and confident
What have you achieved so far? Have earned the name that I'm a good, character role artist, performing well in family type of roles.
What would you like to achieve in the future? To win National Award for acting.
The most favourite thing? Acting.
That you hate completely? Hypocrisy.
What is it that you would like to appreciate most? Peoples' good-nature and the encouragement  offered by them and also by my parents and friends.
That you tried to accomplish but failed While I was a student I tried to become a good volleyball player but failed to achieve that.
The person you like most? Mother, father.
Favourite friend Farnaz, Rekha and Prabu (all girls).
One of the happiest moments? When I got State Award for "Kathal Kottai" and "Surya Vamsam".
The bitter event that you have experienced? I feel bad when the film for which I have worked hard doesn't do well in theatres!
Any interest in politics? Not that much interested.
Your interest in sports? Like to play Badminton. Enjoy seeing lawn tennis.
The unforgettable cinema episode? It was the time while the climax scene of "Kaathal Kottai" was being shot. In it I had to jump out of the running train. 
The  person you would like to meet? Michael Jackson.
The country you would like to visit most? U.S.A.
The service you would like to render? Interested in helping the under-privileged. 
Favourite colour of your dress material? All light, pastal colours, pink, white etc.
The film you enjoyed seeing recently? "Titanic"
The song that touched your heart very much? The songs of "Sound of Music'. They greatly appeal to me if I see the film even now!
Favourite pastime? I like to cook, like to see old, Hindi films. At free times I want to be at home chatting with friends.
Your current films? "Nee Varuvaay Yena", "Kannukku Kannaaga", one Kannada film etc.
Favourite hero, heroine? Sanjeev Kumar, Kamalhassan, Sree Devi
The director you respect most? All my directors
Your message to your fans? Please love to watch me, I will work upto your expectations.
Any love experience? Nil.



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