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Author: Christina Pomoni


The financial crisis and economic recession has greatly altered the setting of the U.S. economy. Over the next years, the green economy will probably create jobs that are barely known today, while the increasingly growing healthcare sector will offer new opportunities to more people. Although the setting seems to be changing, the economic recession has created several career opportunities for numerous professionals, who have managed to use the downturn and move into a fast-growing career with a promising future.

Pharmaceutical sales jobs are the most satisfying and sought after careers. Offering the flexibility to manage own schedule and the ability to travel all over the world in the most exotic places with all the expenses covered, a career in pharmaceutical sales can offer a six-figure salary. In the broader healthcare sector, the expansion of new diseases and viruses has made the need for registered nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and medical assistants increasingly important. In particular, pharmacists are gradually undertaking the role of caregiver by giving valuable advice on which over-the-counter medication is suitable for each case, assisting hypertension patients to control their blood pressure and providing instructions on diabetic patients on how to inject insulin. Similarly, registered nurses, although they have to work night shifts and weekends and they often endure an exhausting time schedule, they are specialized in critical-care specialties such as surgery, oncology, and emergency medicine, practically putting healthcare on the top of the list of best careers.

Higher education administrators are also viewed as successful professionals, for the most part because they work in a college surrounding where the atmosphere is intellectually stimulating and the work schedule is rather flexible. Typically, higher education administrators focus on providing academic preparation and professional development to current or prospect students through the preparation of a comprehensive program of study. University campuses offer a variety of management jobs because university processes tend to be bureaucratic and as such as more people are required to carry out the tasks. From student affairs to academic affairs, admissions, alumni and student health services, administration position in higher education are highly recommended for people who look for a full time, permanent job with lots of benefits. Although office politics can often be repulsive, holding a position as a higher education administrator requires political correctness at any cost.

Firefighters have become nationís number one prestigious profession to respond to medical emergency after 9/11 terrorist attacks. Firefighters offer social service by saving people who are injured in car accidents, trapped in buildings, and endangered by earthquakes and flood and it is certain that if terrorists hit the United States again, firefighters will definitely be on the scene saving many lives. Every time firefighters enter a burning zone, they are exposed to huge danger and they undertake a huge risk. As part of their training, they are awakened by a middle-of-the-night alarm, they are exposed to smoke and hazardous materials and as a result they experience long-term damage to their health. However, because they are dedicated to their profession they love what they are doing, firefighting in ranked #1 in job satisfaction in spite of all dangers. All in all, firefighters are in a helping and successful profession that requires a two-year degree and assumes great responsibility at a young age.

Management consultants have also their share in success. Particularly, during the current financial and credit crisis, many businesses have suffered from reduced profitability and were obliged to restructure their operations in order to survive the crisis. Management consulting encompasses fresh ideas and innovative business models that can offer a business new vision. Being involved in creating business value, maximizing growth and improving business performance, management consultants can offer a company a competitive advantage with plans that are applicable in the real world and do not turn out to be expensive disasters. Operating across a wide variety of services such as business strategy, marketing, human resources, information technology, financial and management controls, e-business and operations, and supply-chain management, they identify business options with recommendations, providing additional resources and the implementation of solutions. Management consultants may be employed as in-house consultants or they may be specialized as recession business analysts offering their services towards alternative energy sources and infrastructure investments. In any case, they offer specialist expertise and industry knowledge.

When the economic recession is over and the U.S. economy expands again, new careers will emerge and new challenges will have to be met by professionals. For the time being, all the above professions are considered the best careers of 2009 based on salary figures, career prospects and job satisfaction. The future is based on a confluence of the broader economic conditions and the needs that the current recession would have created.

About the Author:

Christina Pomoni has acquired her MBA Finance from the American College of Greece. Her advanced familiarity with financial statement analysis, capital budgeting and market research has been acquired through her professional career at high-esteemed organizations. As part of her long journey, Christina has served as an Equity Research Associate at Telesis Securities (EFG Eurobank) and a Financial & Investment Advisor at ING Group. Besides, having lived at Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL and Paris, France has helped her, not only to be a successful professional, but mostly to see life under a more creative and innovative perspective. Since 2005, Christina provides high quality writing services to numerous websites and research companies contributing her knowledge and expertise. Her areas of specialization are Business, Finance & Investment, Society, Politics & Culture. She also has a very good knowledge of Entertainment, Health & Fitness and Computers & Technology. Christina currently designs the website of her own writing company. Believing that knowledge is the road to opportunity and development, her mission is to promote her already established knowledge to a growing number of visitors and to provide high quality writing services to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Article Source: - Best careers of 2009

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