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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

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Toastmaster International Club Project Speeches
( TM.L.Srikumar Pai - Kerala Engineers Toastmaster Club, Muscat )

Toastmaster | Public Speaking | Impromptu Speech | Ice Breaking ( first) Speech| Evaluation

My Project speeches

1. Ice Breaker
4.Time Management
5.Laughter best medicine ( 01-01-2003 )
6. Happiness ( 05-02-03)
7.Success ( 02-07-03)
8.Smoking ( 23-07-03)
9.Love ( 06-08-03)
10.Understanding ( 20-08-03) ) obtained CTM
11.Magic (24-09-03) 

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MAGIC is the art of performing extraordinary tricks to entertain people. It is one of the most exciting and thrilling experience to the audience. I still remember the days in which our school has organized several magic shows. I used to be in fore-front to watch such shows.

When ancient man saw the first flash of lightening , he saw the magic of gods. Then there came man made magic. It is believed that Egyptians were the earliest recorded magicians. There is a piece of papyrus ( a plant used by ancient Egyptians to make paper like material ) dt.1700BC shows the picture of a magician DEDI performing the famous cup and balls for a King. This papyrus also says that The King brought an OX and cut its head .Then Dedi was asked to join back the head. Dedi uttered a magic spell and the bull stood up.

History tells us of Brandon. He was an entertainer in the court of Henry VIII. One day he performed a magical trick in front of the King. A Pigeon was sitting on top of a wall. Taking a piece of chalk, he drew a picture of the pigeon. Then taking a knife, he struck the center of the picture and the pigeon suddenly dropped from the wall and found to be dead. This magic made the king think that one who could do such to a bird quite equally could do the same to a King  and Brandon was jailed for few days and warned not to repeat such tricks.

Some of the ancient temple priests claimed to be intermediaries of gods used magical devices  to attract people. These devices created interesting effects. For example when fire was lit on the altar it would cause doors behind it open as if by gods. Other examples included wine flowing  out of the mouths of statues etc.

Later people began to think magic was a form of witchcraft and  associated it with devil. Anyone so much practicing magic was accused as being a witch and burnt alive. In 1554 , a book namely “ Discoveries of witchcraft” exposed the secrets and workings behind these witchcraft . It was an attempt to prove that magic was the tricks of hand not by the work of the devil. After breaking away from ritual magic in the dark ages, new forms of magic began to appear. Earlier Magicians were performing in circus and side shows. It was Robert Houdin, a French clock maker who has taken magic to stage with a top hat & Magician dress. Houdin studied , experimented, invented and perfected a no. of tricks and  in 1845 he started a theatre in Paris. He is known as “ the father of Modern Magic.”

Magic can be split into two basic types. White magic & Black magic. Black magic is offensive and used to cause harm & death. This is used to frighten the enemies. Where as white magic is used for cure , heal. There is another type of magic we call it entertainment magic.

Today there are many different forms  of performing magic. Close-up magic is the most common form of magic among magicians. This is just the name implies. It is the magic right under your nose and there is a close interaction between audience & the magician. Next is the stage magic. Escape magic is something spectacular where magician escapes from any situation. Robert Houdin was expert in this. Finally there is manipulation  magic . This involves producing infinite amounts of cards, coins or anything else from mid air.

There were several instances in which conjurers ( magicians ) or audience were killed. In London,  one trick where a bullet loaded into a gun was fired at the performer. Once that was missed and killed several people. Another magician while performing escape trick, killed by an accident.

There are several organizations which helps and motivates magicians. The society of Americn Magicians, The Magic circle in Britain and International Brotherhood of magicians are some of them.

Since the beginning of time, magic has evolved and flourished. It has withstood endless prosecution in the dark ages and become stronger and entertaining.


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