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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
Web master

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Toastmasters Contest guidelines & forms
Check list for Club/ Area / Division Contest 
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Prepared By TM L.Srikumar Pai , DTM ( Past Division Governor )
(This is common to all club, Area &  Division contest etc. )

    Conduct Club/Area/Division council meeting at least 3 weeks in advance and allot various responsibilities
  • Make a budget  of income & expenditure.
    Income: Sponsors, from clubs, from members attending etc
    Expenditure: Certificates, Trophies, snacks, hall rent, gifts for judges etc
  • Fix date, location and time for the contest
  • Finalize Contest chair for various contest
  • Fix Master of ceremony ( He has to prepare agenda also)
  • Fix Chief sergeant at arms

Before the Contest

  • Arrange Trophies, snacks, gifts for judges, test speaker etc
  • Take copies of  Contest Agenda prepared by MC
  • Certificates for Participants, winners, role players
  • Arrange Judges , tie breaking judge, Chief judges etc.
  • Arrange ballots for all the contests: Judge ballots, Judge eligibility, timer sheet, tally counter sheet, Eligibility & originality, Biographical information sheet, winner notification sheet etc ( All these forms are available  below)
  • Arrange test speaker for Evaluation
  • Arrange 5 minutes engagement of the audience, when evaluators are given 5 minutes to note their points
  • Arrange timers
  • Arrange tally counters
  • Arrange sergeant at arms for the table topics & evaluation contest
  • Arrange registration counter
  • Timing device with timing color cards & stop watch
  • List of contestants
  • Contestants topics for International & Humorous speech
  • Arrange Photographer/ Videographer
  • Contest Backdrop / Contest Banners
  • Felicitation Chart ( See below)
  • Role Players such as Contest chair/judges/Timer/SAA/Talley counter who is part of the contest should not participate as the contestant in that particular contest/venue and day

Toastmaster | Public Speaking | Impromptu Speech | Ice Breaking ( first) Speech| Evaluation
CC Manuals | CL manuals| Advance manuals| Forms & downloads | Free downloads

On the Contest day

  • Registration                                          30 Minutes
  • Briefing of the contestants                     15  Minutes
  • Briefing of the Judges and officials         15 Minutes
  • Taking lots for the contestants and noting down the topics for International /Humorous speech
  • Call to order by Chief Sergeant at Arms            5 minutes
  • Minimal introduction of logistics by the Chief Sergeant at Arms
  • Area Governor’s address for 5 minutes
  • Master of Ceremony to utilize 5 minutes
  • MC to read the common rules for all the contests and no repetition of the same by the Contest Chairs
  • No introduction of Judges at the beginning of the contest
  • Contest chair should give copies of the order of contestants to Judges, Timer, Tally counter, SAA etc.
  • Contest Chair should read out the contestants order and make sure that they are present in the hall
  • Eligibility undertaking (for all contests individually) and Originality Undertaking (for International and Humorous) needs to be arranged by the respective Contest Chairman.
  • There will be 2 to 3  minutes break between the two contests
  • Tallying for the first two contests will be during the break and for the third and fourth at the end of the contests
  • Contest Chairman will award the participation certificate immediately after the contest and hand over back to MC
  • Two Sergeant at Arms is needed for Table Topics.
  • Each club of the area to nominate two toastmasters for Sergeant at Arms/other roles.
  • For Table Topics, reasonably clear and short topics is preferred,
  • Three Table Topics may be chosen and one drawn at random.
  • For evaluation contest, test speaker is to be arranged
  • All felicitations can take place at the time of tallying and  after.
  • If any protest is there, The Chief Judge should discuss with other voting judges and take voting if necessary

Other Matters:

  • Trophies to be arranged by
  • Winner, participation , appreciation (for role players ) Certificates to be arranged by
  • Gifts for Judges & test speaker
  • Judges to be arranged by 
  • Contest chairman for various contests
  • Master of ceremony
  • Create felicitation chart mentioning list of awards and the persons who is going to distribute
  • Create contest chart mentioning list of contest chairs, master of ceremony, sergeant at arms, timers/tally counters for the contest, list of judges, chief judges etc. This will give full list of role players in the contest programme
  • Registration fee if any  per head.
  • Seating arrangements by
  • Snacks /drinks/water  to be arranged by
  • Probable no of attendees  to arrange seating, snacks etc
  • At the registration desk there can be a member from the club to assist in the collection of  the fee club wise.
  • Club representative to bring along banners  sufficiently early to fix at the location
  • Club list of members to facilitate quick registration
  • Venue arrangements : Name & Contact No.
  • For general assistance: Name & Contact No.


  • Registration sheets & Names of in charge in the counter
  • Take contest lots and lot papers with Nos.
  • List of participants
  • List of awards and name of the person who is honoring the same

Various Contest forms required for club/area/Divison/District contest

( Contest forms Courtesy to )







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