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FAQ: Toastmasters Educational Programme
( Frequently Asked Questions  )

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Am I allowed to do projects within a manual in a different order? 
You should be doing manual projects in order because the Toastmasters program was designed to teach one skill at a time, with each new skill building on the preceding skills.

If I don’t meet all of the objectives on my speech, can I still get credit for it?
Yes. Toastmasters is not a pass/fail program. However, keep in mind that you get out of the program what you put into it. If you focus on meeting objectives this will help ensure that you get the most from the program (this includes time objectives).

Can I give speeches outside of my club for credit?
Yes. You are allowed to do up to two speeches per manual outside of the club environment for credit toward an educational award, as long as you receive prior approval from your vice president education. You must receive a written and verbal evaluation from a Toastmaster, although the Toastmaster does not need to be in the same club as you.

Speeches given at Toastmasters club meetings are considered to be in the club environment. Speeches given at any Toastmasters event that is not a club meeting are considered to be outside the club environment.

What are the limitations on speech topic?
There aren’t any, but please make sure to keep your audience in mind. Avoid topics that could be offensive and choose topics that are in good taste.

I did a speechcraft program and decided to join a club afterwards. Do I get any credit for having completed a speechcraft program?
Yes. You receive credit for the first three Competent Communication projects, as long as you completed the entire speechcraft program.

If I’m the test speaker in an evaluation contest, can I still get credit for a speech project?
Yes. Please note that a test speech will count as one of the speeches you are allowed to do outside of your club meeting and, as such, must meet the outside speech requirements. It must be a manual speech, you must have prior permission from your Vice President Education and you must receive a written and verbal evaluation from a Toastmaster.

Can I repeat the same speech for more than one project?
Yes. You may repeat the same speech as many times as you like, as long as it meets the objectives for each project that you use it for.

If I am speaking at my club meeting, can I get credit in my Competent Leadership manual for being a speaker and credit in my Competent Communication manual for my speech? What if I’m doing a speech from an Advanced manual?
Yes and yes.

Can I repeat the same manual for award credit?
If you are repeating an award, you may repeat a manual. If you are applying for a new award, you must use a manual that you have not received credit for yet.

Do I need to have both a written and verbal evaluation to receive project credit?

Does it have to be my Vice President Education that signs off on a speech project?
No. Any current club officer may verify and submit an award application if the Vice President Education is not available.

Can I get credit for a speech if I am competing in a contest?
Yes. Please note that a contest speech will count as one of the speeches you are allowed to do outside of your club and, as such, must meet the outside speech requirements. It must be a manual speech, you must have prior permission from your Vice President Education and you must receive a written and verbal evaluation from a Toastmaster.

Can I do different projects from different Advanced manuals and still receive credit, as long as I have completed five projects?
No, you must complete a full manual for credit.

Can I work on my Advanced Communicator Silver before my Advanced Communicator Bronze?
You may work on projects that will apply to the Advanced Communicator Silver before you do projects for the Advanced Communicator Bronze, but when you submit the applications, you must submit the Advanced Communicator Bronze application before you can submit the Advanced Communicator Silver application. This applies to all awards in a series. You must submit applications in sequential order.

Can I earn an award more than once?
Yes. Please see Requirements for Multiple Education Awards.

Can I repeat projects within the Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series, Leadership Excellence Series, Success/Communication, or Success/Leadership for credit?
Yes. In order to receive credit, you will need to do two separate presentations of the manual on different dates.

I replaced a club officer in my club and served from March through August. Does this count towards my Advanced Leader Bronze?
No. In order to receive credit, you must follow the bounds of the TI calendar and serve as an officer from July 1 – December 30, January 1 – June 30, or July 1 – June 30.

I served as a district officer replacement starting in August. Do I still get Advanced Leader Silver credit?
For Advanced Leader Silver credit, a district officer term must be from July 1 – June 30, unless you are a replacement. If you are replacing another officer, the district must submit the change by September 1 for you to still receive credit.

How many awards has my district achieved this year?
You can check your District Progress Report here. Please note that anyone is able to check the District Progress Report, not just district officers. You do not need to login in order to view them.

I achieved the old Competent Leader award. What is the next award I can work towards?
Your Advanced Leader Silver.

How do I apply for an education award online?
Club officers are able to apply for education awards online through Club Central. Please note that club officers may not apply for their own awards online.

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