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Round Robin in Toastmasters

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The Round Robin is a warm-up session which gives each person present at the meeting an opportunity to speak for 15 to 20 seconds. .

The Round Robin will begin with the member conducting the segment providing the beginning of a story. When the timekeeper indicates their time is up (usually 20 seconds), they hand over to the next person and that person must repeat the last word said, and continue on in any direction they wish.


Speaker 1: I was walking my dog the other day when a man……
Speaker 2: Man has been on the earth for the past 10,000…..
Speaker 3: 10,000 is too much for me to spend on a watch…..
Speaker 4: Watch your language I told my son, after catching…..
Speaker 5: Catching an egg is more difficult than you may think….. etc.

There is no intention of a coherent flow or theme to a Round Robin and it may go in any direction the members choose. It does, however, require some skill. Guests are encouraged to speak, but may pass if they choose.

Briefly explain how the segment is to be run. To avoid confusion ensure that you clearly explain the following paragraph and the difference between this segment and the Travelling Tale.

* Provide a very brief lead-in to the word that you will use to start the segment. Check to see if there is a theme or use the word for the evening.
* Begin with the person at the end of the table on the right or left of you. If both of these are guests, start with any experienced member, moving around the room clockwise. This allows guests the opportunity to see how the segment runs before it is the guest’s turn to speak.
* If the first speaker has not understood the procedure, politely reinforce the way the segment will be run, otherwise other speakers may follow the incorrect version.
* Each person will have a maximum of 20 seconds to speak. (or less if advised by the Toastmaster) After you indicate to stop with the glass and spoon, repeat the last word said for the new speaker, i.e. “doors”
* Most importantly, you are in charge. Keep the segment moving. Remember the speaker has a maximum of 20 seconds but if they seem lost or floundering, move on to the next speaker. Never embarrass a speaker.

The difference between a Travelling Tale and a Round Robin

Participants in the Round Robin start with the last word spoken by the previous speaker and then elaborate on any subject relevant to that word.

It is not sufficient to simply include that last word somewhere in the first sentence. They actually start with that last word.

Participants in the Travelling Tale do not repeat the last word spoken by the previous speaker. They simply continue with their version of the same story.






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