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My Environment

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( Informative speech given by Tina Koshy in the gavel club )


“Your world is a living expression of how you  are using and have used your mind” – Earl Nightingale

What good of an architect are you and will be to our mother earth??

 Good evening respected toast masters ,parents, gavelior of the day and fellow gaveliors.

My first speech in the gavel club was my ice breaking speech. And in that I had mentioned that I want

to make a change in the environment. So my first step in this regard is  giving a speech on the

topic today.

But just giving a speech is not enough. We have to try and work it out. Don’t just stand there, look at

Each other and say, “Yeah, there is plenty of time.” But is there time? NO. You elders must try and pave the path for us.. We are just kids not knowing fully what the effect is going to be in the end. But

 You very well know the result. I’m speaking on behalf of my entire generation. For those children on the streets who are dying because of starvation. For all the animals now extinct because of our brutal behaviour. 

Now, I’m scared to go out into the sun because of the holes in the ozone. I am scared to breath the air which all of you say is fresh and natural, because I don’t know what chemicals I am breathing in. Look at the world now. Animals and plants are dying and becoming extinct. Where is the world which I used to live in? the world with all the animals, plants, trees and flowers.

I used to imagine a world like the ones in fairytales. A beautiful magical world with butterflies and flowers and greenery all around. But that world is getting destroyed now. And I am starting to wonder if MY kids will ever get to see them. Did YOU have to worry about how the world is coming to an end when YOU were young? Did YOU have to worry that the animals and plants would die?

All these changes are happening now. In front of OUR very own eyes. But are we doing anything to make a change?

We keep thinking that there is enough of time. But is there really enough time? If you don’t know how to fix your  doing then please, stop breaking it!

We all are  a strong big family. 5-6 billon members. We are all in this together.

In India, you get to buy so many things. We buy them . And  waste them . Buy and waste buy and waste. Is that supposed to be our policy? Yes, you do have the right to buy things but why waste it??

We have more than enough food, money, water, shelter. But why don’t we  care to share. If we give a bit of your food and money, water and shelter V would be saving a persons life! Why do you keep doing things you tell us not to do? U decide the world we are living in. you tell us, “everything is alright. The world is not going to end.” But you just CANT say that to us anymore.  Though we are not able to see it we are all able to FEEL the end of our age.  Let your actions reflect your words. It’s time, all of you must try to make a difference. We were given the world not to destroy. But to cultivate and guard it and preserve it for our future generation. 

I would like to conclude by saying these words of Ghandhiji,” nature has given enough for our needs but NOT for our greeds. “ then why are we –the Humans unnecessarily asking more from mother earth and make it worse, not sharing it?



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