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L.Srikumar Pai
B.Sc( Engg.), MIE, MIWWA, MICI
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Stories help children to cope with many feelings and problems. Story time can be a special caring time with you that your children will remember all their lives.

Whether they are the stories you tell, or stories in books, stories are one of the ways that children learn to enjoy reading. Books, and the people they read about in books, can become like friends. Children can also learn that books are a way to find out lots of useful and important things. Many people look back with pleasure on their favourite stories from childhood.

It is now known that reading aloud to babies and children is so important in their early years and has an impact on their overall development and future learning

Stories help children cope with feelings

When you read or tell a story which contains feelings, your child is helped to accept his feelings and to understand how others feel. He learns that he is not alone and that other children may feel the same as he does. This helps him to know that his feelings are okay.

  • You can also learn how your child feels when you see him respond to the feelings in the story. If he really likes a book it may be because it has special meaning for him and is helping him with his feelings.

When you read a story to your child it can show that you understand how he feels.

  • For example if you are reading a story about another child (or animal) who is frightened of the dark, it helps your child to know that you understand that it is easy to be frightened of the dark when you are very young.
  • Books help to deal with fears. Books about something your child fears can help your child to cope with the fears. Hearing or reading the story many times can help children manage their fears. These are the books which you might need to read over and over again if your child wants you to.

Stories help develop confidence

Part of building self-esteem and confidence is knowing where you fit in the world. Stories told by parents and grandparents about family history 'When Mummy was a little girl' help your child develop this sense of belonging. This is even more important if you have come from another place or your family has been split up.

Special story time at bedtime can help your child look forward to going to bed, to enjoy being close to you and to relax, ready for sleep.

  • Books can help your child to escape for a while from the stresses and pressures of their world as the story takes her imagination to other wonderful places.
  • Most importantly your child will thrive on spending TIME with you.

Reading and telling stories to your child can become a very special sharing time. It helps your children to learn to love books and to develop a sense of being a lovable person. Many children remember their story times for the rest of their lives.

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