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L.Srikumar Pai
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Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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Universities -Germany

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Clausthal Technical University
The University of Clausthal is a technical school located in Germany. Visitors to their site will find information about faculty, courses of study and library access. This service is offered in English and German.

Fachhochschule Augsburg
This Web server is maintained by the Fachhochschule Augsburg. Visitors are invited to learn about the academic programs and student life on campus. In German only.

Free University of Berlin
The Free University of Berlin's Web site offers addresses, research, news, academic course listings and departmental information about this German school. In German and English.

Freiburg University
The Freiburg University home page provides a general introduction to the university. It includes information on academic programs, faculty, central services and an overview of the Freiburg state. Mostly in German, with some English.

Gottingen University
The hypermedia information system at Gottingen University in Germany describes the university faculty, student topics, and events, and gives tourist information and maps of the city of Gottingen. Mostly in German with some English.

Hessian State University of Science and Technology
The Hessian State University of Science and Technology in Darmstadt, Germany, maintains this site to introduce its programs and facilities. Visit here for news, course offerings, departmental listings, local area information, and other academic and administrative resources. In German and English.

Humboldt University of Berlin
This site provides an overview of Humboldt University of Berlin, its courses of study and faculty. Includes information on research projects, admissions and links to other servers. In German and English.

Ludwig-Maximilians University
The Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, maintains this home page with information about its departments, university resources and links to other institutions and sites in Munich. Most information here is in German, with some pages in English.

Martin-Luther University
Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, provides an overview of its academic departments, faculty, research and campus events. Available in German only.

Technical University of Berlin
The Technical University of Berlin home page provides browsers with information about the school's academic programs, a directory of scientific projects, interdisciplinary programs and library resources, among other info. Available only in German.

Technical University of Chemnitz-Zwickau
The Technical University of Chemnitz-Zwickau, Germany, maintains this site offering a look at the university, its academic programs, facilities and student services. Links to related sites on and off campus are also provided. In English and German.

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
The Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg home page offers visitors information in German about the school, its libraries, academic departments, study programs, stadium and faculty. There are also links to other German servers.

Technical University of Munich
Germany's Technical University of Munich offers a site that provides access to its various departments, research programs and student organizations. A link to the library, helpful maps of the school and town, and updates on current events are also included. In English and German.

University of Bayreuth
From the home page of Germany's University of Bayreuth, visitors can learn everything they ever wanted to know about the faculty, students, degree programs, and computing facilities of the university. There is also information about the Bayreuth community at large and pointers to myriad off-campus Web sites. In German.

University of Bielefeld
The University of Bielefeld, Germany, offers information here on its faculty, research centers, computer services and important events. Includes links to local and national Internet resources. Available in German and English.

University of Dortmund
Meet some of the faculty and students from the University of Dortmund (Germany) at this site, where guests can view images of students and staff, get their e-mail addresses or link to their home pages.

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
The hypertext information system for the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany links the university, the city of Erlangen and the Bavarian university network together. This handy service is available in English and German.

University of Essen
The University of Essen in Germany provides information about its programs and faculty through this college home page. The site includes welcoming information. In German with minimal English.

Universitat Greifswald
The University of Greifswald, Germany, maintains this site to introduce its people and programs. Visitors will find faculty listings, course offerings, computer services and other academic and administrative resources. In German and English.

University of Hamburg
The University of Hamburg maintains this server offering information about the school and the city in which it is located, as well as links to other German Web sites. Among options available, visitors can browse the university's catalog or tour Hamburg and its surrounding countryside. In German and English.

University of Hannover
This site provides an overview of the University of Hannover, including information on academic departments, faculty and student institutions. Includes links to servers at the German university and in the Hannover region. Mostly in German

University of Heidelberg
The University of Heidelberg presents general institutional and program info here. All in German.

University of Hildesheim
Germany's University of Hildesheim sponsors this home page and invites visitors to learn more about the university, its academic programs, research projects and student services. Available in German.

University of Hohenheim
The University of Hohenheim's Web server provides information, in both English and German, about this German university. General information about the institution and its coursework and student groups can be found here, along with links to Internet resources.

University of Jena
This is the Web server for Germany's University of Jena. Visitors will find university news, links to student services, and details on organizations, clubs and unions. Mostly in German.

University of Kaiserslautern
The University of Kaiserslautern in Germany offers a Web page mostly in German, with departmental and academic as well as administrative links.

Univeristy of Kiel
The University of Kiel serves up information about the school's programs at this educational site. In German.

University of Koblenz
The University of Koblenz, Germany, maintains this home page with information about the school, its departments and a link to the Department of Computer Science. This site also features information about the city; in German, with some English.

University of Konstanz
This site is the home page of the Web server at Germany's University of Konstanz. Visitors are invited to explore the university and its academic programs, or follow the links provided to other sites in Konstanz and Germany. In German only.

University of Mainz
The University of Mainz provides academic and administrative information to visitors of this German site. You can look in on the library and local links and use the FTP archive, gopher server and news lists, but the Webmaster warns visitors that every data transfer costs someone somewhere and requests wise use of the resource. In German and English.

University of Potsdam
The University of Potsdam, Germany, maintains this site of general information about its campus, programs, faculty and students. Available in German and English.

University of Regensburg
The University of Regensburg, Germany, maintains this informational site. Visit here to learn about its campus, programs, faculty and students. Available in German only.

University of Rostock
The University of Rostock in Germany offers information about its programs and faculty through this home page. Read about current research and the school's computer resources as well. In German and English.

University of Stuttgart
The home page for the University of Stuttgart is a German-language site that provides general information about the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and links to Web resources.

University of Trier
The University of Trier in Germany gives an overview of its programs here. The site also includes access to the university library and posts news of upcoming conferences. In German and English.

University of Ulm
The University of Ulm provides an overview of its departments and faculty here. Prospective students can learn about the university's programs of study, student life, organizations and admissions requirements. In German or English.

University of Wurzburg
The University of Wurzburg provides a map of its campus and links to academic departments including its computer center. Student listings are also available here. In German and English.


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