By Nanditha I.: Kuzhalappam is my maternal grandmother's masterpiece and has become my favourite over time.


Maida (without steaming): 3 cups

Steamed maida: 3 cups

Grated coconut: 4 cups

Egg: one

Chopped onion: 6 tbsp

Sesame seeds: one tsp

Cumin seeds: 1 tsp cumin seeds

Garlic: one tbsp

Salt: to taste


Tie three cups maida in a bundle and steam it. Sift both the maidas. Extract coconut milk from three cups of coconut using one cup of water. Grind cumin seeds, one cup coconut, onion and garlic. Mix the maida and ground masala. Add salt and mix well using the coconut milk. Before adding the coconut milk, warm the milk a bit. Mix into soft dough and roll out into small puris on a banana leaf, roll, and deep fry in hot oil. Transfer to a paper towel and remove the extra oil. Cool and store in an air tight tin.

Nanditha I. works as a software engineer in Infopark, Kochi. She enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.