By Rashmi Aravind : Chakka pradhaman, a sweet pudding, rounds off every Kerala festival meal. I learnt this recipe from my grandmother.

What you need

Ripe jackfruit (chakka), small - 1

Jaggery - 500 gm

Coconut - 2

Copra, shredded 2 tbsp

Ghee 5 tbsp

Cooking instructions

Remove the skin and seeds of jackfruit, take out the fruit pulp.

Cook in a pressure cooker with little water, mash well.

Melt the jaggery and strain to remove dirt, if any.

Add the jaggery to the mashed pulp along with four tbsps of ghee, all the while stirring till it thickens to a semi-solid state.

Grate the coconut, add a little hot water and extract the thick first milk.

Add some more water to the residue and extract the second milk.

Pour the second milk to the mixture and when it begins to boil, add the first milk.

Remove from fire.

Fry the shredded copra in ghee and sprinkle on the pradhaman.

Serve hot or cold.

Rashmi Aravind is a homemaker who loves to experiment with new recipes.