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L.Srikumar Pai
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Civil Engineer & CAD Specialist
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( A home for destitute children )



Every day and night lakhs of children in our country are forced to live in the streets, denied of their fundamental right to the basic human necessities such as food, shelter and education, and subjected to physical abuse as well as forced to do begging, pick pocketing, street circus, hard work and other forms of exploitation. The streets of India still reverberate the cries of human rights violations. Even decades after we attained independence, the poor becomes poorer.

It is with a view to put an end to this social evil that “Janaseva Sisubhavan” was started as a popular movement, with Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer as its chief PATRON. Our very existence and functioning is made possible with the kind, whole hearted support and co-operation extended to us by the noble kind hearted people from every walk of life, without any bar to caste, religion or politics. Our aim is to wipe off child begging, and to create an “India without street children”.

During the past seven years Sisubhavan was able to rescue more than 1000 children from the streets and to provide them with love, care and protection, including good food, shelter, education, medical help etc. This institution is now the ‘Tharavadu’ (Parental Home) for all these children, where they can run into in times of both happiness and grief. With their  earnestness and sincerity,  Sisubhavan, take up the responsibility of taking care of these neglected, abandoned children, protecting them and bringing them up as self-supporting, confident well-mannered individuals, contributing their best to the society.

The Story of Velmurukan-Whom the Begger Mafia tried to kill

Velmurukan was born in a small hut, a slum in Sithannur village in Tamilnadu. His parents died when he was a small child. From his early days onwards, he and his younger sister were under the custody of their grandmother and uncles (father’s brother) who did nothing but curse them, beat them, kick them and made them starve. His uncle, who was a drug addict and drunkard, always used to torture them brutally.

One day Velmurukan’s uncle took him to Kerala, for selling him to Dharmaraj, the Don of Begger Mafia. He was handed over to Dharmaraj, at Aluva Railway Station. After that he never saw his uncle. Dharmaraj took him to a group of beggars, where he found about 10 children of

his age, and he was also asked to beg and give the money he collected, to Dharamaraj. Velmurukan did not know what to do and wandered here and there, in search of his uncle, and he did not get any money. At night, Dharmaraj came fully drunk, and knowing that he had no money, dragged Velmurukan to the railway track, some distance away. He beat the boy and when the boy cried aloud, Dharmaraj forcefully closed his mouth and threatened to kill him, if he dared to speak. Then he took a bottle poured the liquid on the boy’s body, dragged him to the open cabin of a goods train and set fire on him. He remembers nothing after that, When he regained consciousness, he was in the hospital bed. Mr. Jose Maveli, took up the responsibility to treat him and later took him to Janaseva Sisubhavan.

The Little girl found lying on the road with acid burns all over her legs as an inducement to give alms, was rescued by Sisubhavan workers from Angamaly Town.

It is really difficult to believe that Manjumatha, who is joyfully singing and dancing with other toddlers in Sisubhavan is a girl who has suffered torture and brutality of the beggar Mafia. Beyond the sparkles of hope in the eyes of this little girl, who is outstanding both in her studies and extra curricular activities, there is a very sad story, which nobody wants to hear.
The Head load workers in Angamaly town noticed the cute little girl lying on the roadside on a rag, with bleeding and open wounds, when it became really difficult for them to pass- by, ignoring her. The horrifying story unfolded, when they questioned the man who was collecting the money thrown on the rag. His name was Perumal. He had starved the girl, poured acid on her legs, and used her as a tool to beg. He was the Don of cruelty and selfishness. When questioned, he tried to escape saying the child fell in the oven, hot water fell on her legs etc, but when the workers tightened their hold and grilled him, he said the truth. They informed Janaseva Sisubhavan. Mr. Jose Maveli, President of Janaseva Sisubhavan and other staff came and took the child into custody. She was admitted in Anwar Memorial Hospital, Aluva, for treatment. Dr. C.M. Hyderali, the child specialist who gives free treatment to all the children at Janaseva Sisubhavan , treated the girl and in a month, she recovered fully. She is good in studies, cultural activities and sports. Now she is a 1st standard student in the Janaseva Sisubhavan English Medium School. Read More stories

Jose Maveli, The Chairman, Janaseva Sisubhavan
An India without any street children, that’s the vision of Mr. Jose Maveli, the founder and president of Janaseva Sisubhavan. He believes that the street children are our own children, and to save and protect them and give them a home is our duty.

Mr. Jose Maveli, born as the 7th child out of 10 to Thomas and Eliya was born on 1951 at Edakkunnu, a small village in the Karukutti Panchayat of Eranakulam District, Kerala. All thru his educational days and later in life he became a big humanitarian, and would interfere in social activities to help others.

In 1996 he assembled some like minded people to form an organization called Aluva Janaseva with the then District Collector Mr. A. R. Rajan IAS as the Patron and himself as the President. The first step of the organization was to provide scholarships and educational materials to the children from poor families. In 1997, the organization started to give out lunch to about 300 children who couldn’t have food because of their poverty. The project was spread to several schools and in time more than 600 students were given food everyday.

In 1999 he was able to start his dream project, the Janaseva Sisubhavan, the organization to save and protect street children. The then Hon. Governor of Kerala, Shri. Sukhdev Singh Kang inaugurated the first project and with the help of thousands of people it grew into a big organization now.

More than a thousand street children was saved by the interference of Janaseva Sisubhavan, and is under their protection. Mr. Maveli has started several projects like Janaseva English Medium School, Janaseva Boys Home, Janaseva Senior Boys Education Project and Street India Movement.

He has received innumerable number of awards for the services he rendered to the society.

  • Mother Teresa Award 2003

  • Ramankutty Achan Award

  • Kerala State Schools Parent Teachers Association Award

  • MCR Sevana Award

  • Resmi Award

  • Sarvodayam Kurien Smaraka Trust Award

  • Manava Seva Mahan Award

Contact Address:

P.B.No. 107,
Aluva, Kerala, India
Ph : 0091-484-2606079, 2603379, 2604921
Fax: 0091-484-2606168


For more details visit the Web site:


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