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Bill Gates

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Bill gates is the founder of the world famous Microsoft company which employs more than 80,00 people in 103 countries. He is one of the richest men on earth.. His life is a motivation to all of us.

He was born on Oct 28, 1955 in Seatle, Washington. His father was a lawyer and mother was a teacher.  While he was studying in school, he discovered his interest in software  and began programming at the age of 13. Later he joined in Harward Uniersity for law. That time he developed a version of BASIC  programming. But discontinued his studies to start  Microsoft company with his friend Paul Allen. Thus in 1975 Microsoft company was born. 

While Microsoft was writing small small programmes for different organizations, IBM approached them for an operating system for their PC. Billgates and Allen then purchased an operating system known as Q-Dos  for an amount of  $50,000 from Seatle computers. They modified this operating system and put their brand name as MS-Dos  and supplied to IBM. They also  insisted an exclusive license for this operating system. That time DELL also developed PC and Microsoft supplied MS dos to them. Thus 85% market was  flooded with MS Dos operating system. Bill gates had a long vision that in future, the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop & in every home. And later it became a reality. 

In the intial days, Billgates was working very hard. He was working 16 hours day  for about 5 years. He hardly took 5days rest during these years.In 1982, Billgates had some marketing challenges. His  partner Paul allen who was heading the the research and product development left the company due to health problems. The following year, Gates faced a major challenge for his MS dos operating system. A company called Visicorp developed a mouse driven computer system with user interface and graphic system . while MS dos was key board and text driven. Gates immediately recognized that Visiocorp system would be the wave of future. He was ready to take the challenge. Next day Bill organized a big advertising campaign with announcement that a new Microsoft operating system with graphic interface would be soon marketd. And named it as windows.  Microsoft announcement was a bluff, the truth was that it did not have such system under development. But he was ready to take the risk. Windows was finally released in 1985.. That day onwards, He need not look back. He became millionaire and then Billionaire

Bill gates wealth index

It is estimated that  Bill is getting about $300 per second.  Which means thaif, on his way into the office, should he see or drop $1000 dollars on the ground, it is not just worth his time to bend over and pick it up. Because it takes 4 seconds to bend over and pick it up. Meantime he could have made more money in his pocket. 

1n 1994 , Billgates married to Mellinda. She was a Microsoft employee. They have 3 children.

 In 2000, Gates founded the Bill & Mellinda gates foundation, a charitable organization with his wife and donated about 30 billion dollars.This organization provides funds and assistance for global Education and health areas. Gates has made The Giving Pledge to donate over half of his wealth to charity.

So friends, Bill Gates life is a  motivation to all of us. To become successful, hard work, dedication, a long vision and a mind to take risk is necessary.






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