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Travel: Island Capri

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Romance seems to waft through the air on Capri, accompanied by the scent of lemon blossoms and fresh sea air. Leave the car on the mainland and join the masses who use water transport to flock to this dramatic Italian isle in the Bay of Naples. The luminescence of the Blue Grotto, the striking Faraglioni rocks and Palazzo al Mare add to the magical spell. Snorkel from Marina Piccola beach on the island's south side, believed to be the spot where Odysseus nearly succumbed to the Sirens' song.

Capri is a place rife with history.  Archaeology in the area has turned up information which suggests that there were human settlers in the area as far back as the Neolithic period, known more commonly as the Stone Age.  To put things in perspective, this means that there were humans living on Capri almost ten thousand years ago.  Though there are no historical sites dating back this far, of course, there are plenty of historical sites dating back to the beginning of more modern history.  For example, Villa Jovis, which was erected around the year 30, is a villa which is preserved to this day.

Though originally dominated by Rome, Capri was also controlled by other people at different times in its history.  For example, Naples ran the island for awhile and by Amalfi after that.  (These are nearby areas of Italy.)  Throughout much of this time, though the area was technically controlled by these places, it was largely a place run by pirates.  This occurred for over five hundred years of the history of Capri, with the most famous pirate battles taking place in the sixteenth century.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, other parts of Europe began to develop an interest in Capri.  The French were the first to take over the island.  They were quickly kicked out by the British who used it as a base for their navy for a time.  The French then re-conquered the area, only to leave shortly thereafter when control returned to Italy.  The late nineteenth century saw peace in the area, with many Renaissance artists making it their temporary home.  More information on the history of the area is online at or

Health & Safety

Travel to Capri is considered to be safe for tourists of all ages.  Children are welcome as visitors and college-age students often travel to the area alone or with friends.  The water is safe to drink, there are no special health concerns in the area of which travelers must be aware and crime is relatively low.  In terms of international threats, such as terrorism bombings, there is almost no risk in the area at all.

In fact, most often, the greatest risk to Capri visitors is themselves.  Travelers sometimes go a bit overboard on vacation and forget their common sense.  Travelers may drink too much alcohol and have problems related to that.  Travelers may also fail to take common precautions for water safety and sun safety on the beaches.  These are standard things which visitors are aware of but sometimes forget because they are having so much fun. 

In terms of risks posed by others, the greatest threat to safety is petty theft which is most likely to occur in the busiest time of the year, when crowds of tourists all pack in to the same areas for attractions and entertainment.  Travelers are not at great risk of petty theft, but it does happen, with public transportation being the place most such crime is likely to occur.  Information about what to do in case of an emergency anywhere in Italy is available at

Capri Weather and When to Go

In terms of weather, there is rarely a bad time to travel to Capri.  Even during the coldest months of winter, the temperature in Capri generally stays about fifty degrees, although it can sometimes feel a bit colder during this time because the rainy season generally strikes and the rain combined with breezes off of the water can feel cooler than the registered temperatures.  Despite this, in comparison with many parts of the world, Capri is mil during the winter.

Capri is also comfortable in the summer, when it generally averages in the eighties for high temperatures.  The rainy season usually ends right around Easter and doesn’t start up again until the winter rains hit in late November.  Because of this, summer is the busy tourist time in the area.

In fact, in terms of activities, summer is the best time to go to Capri, because this is when Capri caters to tourists.   The attractions of the area empty out and sometimes even close during the winter, so visitors interested in major tours during their trip will want to come during the busy season.   However, there are activities going on throughout the year for those who do travel to Capri at different times.   For information on events happening in Capri throughout the year, visit .   

Capri: Arriving & Departing

By plane:  Travelers who are flying in to Capri from other parts of the world will actually be flying in to Rome or one of the other major Italian cities and then transferring to a flight which goes to the Naples Capodichino Airport (  From there visitors will take a ferry to get to Capri.

By ferry:   The ferry is caught at Naples Beverello Wharf (Molo Beverello).  Airport shuttles are generally available to take travelers to this ferry from the airport in Naples. Upon arrival, ferries can be caught which either go directly to Capri or which go to Sorrento and then to Capri.

By train:   Travelers can also head from the airport to the Central Station of Naples to catch the train.   This is a convenient method of travelers who are interested in seeing other parts of the area in addition to Capri 

Tour operators who want to go to Capri with a large group of tourists should avoid going to Capri from Napoli Molo Beverello Monday to Friday using the SNAV Company's 5:35PM  hydrofoil and the Neapolis Company's 6:55PM  hydrofoil.   Capresi, the people who live on Capri,  use these two hydrofoils to go home after working in Napoli.   If the Capresi cannot board the hydrofoils due to crowds, the issue will make the nightly local news and resentment  and animosity may be directed against the tourists.

( Courtesy: Tripadvisor)

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