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Personality Development : What is NLP ?
( NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming )

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NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a fabulously powerful technology, a set of tools and techniques for improving every area of your life that uses your brain! And that's everything! As creator-genius, Richard Bandler, puts it, NLP is: "Driving your own bus."

We all need to communicate--with your customers when you're closing that big sale, with your boss when you're negotiating a raise or explaining your ideas, even with your children and loved ones. Perhaps you don't always communicate in a way that gets you the results you want.

Perhaps your boss doesn't see the value in your ideas, or your customers don't see the value of your product or service, even though you know it's the best option for them, bar none. Or perhaps you want to communicate more effectively with those you love, strengthening and deepening those bonds. Perhaps you've been amazed at how easily some people seem to close deals, to get their way, to lead others by communicating with power and ease. You may wonder how they do it.

You may wonder if they have "magic," exerting some mystical influence over others. It's not magic--they've just learned the secrets behind masterful communication. So can you!

Imagine how you will feel and behave when you know precisely how to talk to anyone to get your message across in a way they find almost irresistible.

A Modeling Genius and a Master Linguist Joined Forces...

to develop the most powerful method of personal change and influence ever. Modeling genius Richard Bandler and master linguist John Grinder developed Neuro-Linguistic Programming during the 1970's.

Modeling the most effective therapists and hypnotists of the 20th century, they uncovered the basic patterns of behavior and language that create change and influence. Since that time, NLP has developed into the most effective, scientific method for communication and persuasion as well as the most effective method for personal change in existence today. Politicians use NLP. Sales professionals use NLP. Advertisers use NLP. Hypnotherapists use NLP. Parents use NLP. The applications are limitless! It's not Magic...

What is NLP? It is not Magic..

It's science that works like magic. Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is recognized as the most effective persuasion and communication tool ever developed. Remember, Ronald Regan, the "great communicator?" His speech writers were among the first to use NLP techniques in his political speeches. And now, every politician uses it! NLP teaches you the science behind the magic so that you, too, are a master communicator, able to persuade and influence in ways you never before dreamed possible.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is all about how your mind works, how we represent experience to ourselves, and how you use language (both verbal and nonverbal) to create your experience. How you learn. How you experience the world. How you influence others. How you code experience and retrieve experience.

NLP originated from a study of human excellence, how creative, successful people do what they do, and how you can learn to run your own mind elegantly, alter behavior, and replicate their success in your own life.

NLP is an attitude! NLP is a methodology!

NLP is a technology! Neuro: Nervous system through which experience is received and processed through the senses. Linguistic: Language and non-verbal communication systems through which neural representations are coded, ordered, and given meaning. Programming: The ability to organize our communication and neurological systems to achieve specific desired goals and results.

The uses are limitless!

Here are just a few of the potential uses of your Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training program:

NLP for Therapists

Perhaps you are already a therapist using hypnosis or another kind of therapy, and, as a therapist, you are always looking for ways to help your client even more quickly and effectively. You may have heard some things about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) such as its technique for stopping deep seated fears in twenty minutes or less, its technique for relieving allergies almost instantly or its techniques for opening up the world to you and your clients in ways you never even thought possible. If you don't know these techniques, these and many more like them are yours with our Seattle NLP training.

Perhaps you have heard that NLP can change people's emotional states almost instantly. How would it be if you could relieve stage fright in just a few minutes and be able to test the result so you knew it worked? How would it be if you could destroy triggers for smoking almost instantly? Or if you could destroy bad habits instantly, replacing them with good habits that seem completely natural and easy for your client?

Perhaps you are a therapist stuck in the grind of reading scripts, and would like to develop incredible skill at going beyond the scripts to understanding why they work or don't work. Perhaps you would like to be able to develop therapeutic patter on the fly, precisely matching the things your client needs to hear to make the changes he or she wants. With our tools and techniques, it's easy!

As you attend your NLP training with us, you find insight after insight that you can put to immediate use in your own practice, improving customer outcomes faster and more easily than you ever thought possible. As your client leaves your office, you know he will be telling all his friends how powerful and effective you are.

Anchoring/Anchor Collapse: Learn how to change a client's emothional response to any context. Imagine easily changing your client's worst fear into calmness and confindence. Imagine how easily you can change bad habits into good ones by giving your clients the feelings, attitudes and beliefs they need for change.

Calibration: Learn how to read someone, knowing whether the change work you have done is complete and will last.
Rapport: This important NLP skill improves every client intervention by making it easy for the client to follow your directions, and to accept what you are doing as a way to improve their life.

Meta-Model: This NLP technique helps you get to the root experiences of a client's problem, and helps you "get inside" someone's head to command greater influence and to make your change work more effective.

Milton Model: The hypnotic language patterns of Milton Erickson are so powerful, so effective, you can induce trance conversationally to increase you therapeutic influence 10, 20 40 times what it is now.

Swish Pattern: Change feelings, attitudes and beliefs quickly and easily for your, your customers and your clients.

Change Personal History: Learn to heal old wounds that keep you from moving forward. Get rid of all those images and sounds telling you you "can't do" it.


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NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of success. It is a new field developed in the 1970's in the United States of America, based on a set of very precise ways to identify how someone who is successful is achieving results.

Like the related field of Psychology, NLP has applications in so many places that you have almost certainly heard of it under other names already For example, in personal development, NLP is the science behind most of what TV Infomercial superstar Tony Robbins teaches. In education, the application of NLP is known as Accelerated Learning. NLP can also be used to study how excellent sports people win competitions, how high achieving managers create winning teams, how healthy people heal from illnesses quickly, or how people with photographic memory achieve total recall.

The two central co-developers of NLP were Dr John Grinder, a professor of linguistics, and Dr Richard Bandler a mathematician. The initial models of excellence they studied included skilled psychotherapist "Dr Virginia Satir" and leading edge medical "Dr Milton Erickson". In a 1998 letter to NZANLP, Dr Grinder defined NLP as "a meta-discipline which focuses on the discovery and coding of patterns which distinguish the most capable of the practitioners of some particular discipline (managerial practice, medical practice, sports, therapy) from the average practitioner. These distinguishing patterns are the substance of NLP". Currently hundreds of thousands of internationally certified NLP Practitioners and Trainers use it in virtually every country.

  • NLP is a method of personal development - a tool for improving your own and others' performance
  • It is also a model of effective communication - a practical and pragmatic collection of insights and methods that can enable you to improve how you communicate with yourself and others
  • And it is a means of modelling - or creating models of human behaviour.

In a nutshell...

NLP is a simple yet powerful approach to personal and professional development. It is based on the study of successful human performance in which the methods of very effective people are studied.

The results are then distilled into easily learned ‘techniques’ and presented in workshops - making each workshop a valuable short-cut to more successful living. In a few hours you can learn what may have taken others years to discover in a trial and error manner.

Why might it interest me?

NLP provides you with a means to make changes in your own life and to assist others in doing the same. It provides you with

  • insights into how people think and behave

  • dynamic personal change techniques

  • advanced communication skills.

NLP is what you make it

If you use NLP to enhance, say, your spiritual awareness then that is NLP - for you. The same applies if you use it

  • as part of a therapeutic process
  • to ethically or unethically sell something
  • to grow your business or develop your managerial abilities
  • to seduce people
  • to empower people with whom you live or work
  • to be better in your sport
  • to empower your children and help them believe in themselves
  • to train soldiers to fire guns or missiles
  • to con people out of their money
  • to help people overcome fears and phobias
  • to improve your results as an educator
  • to contribute to your community
  • to improve your game of golf, sailing, basketball, etc
  • to become better friends with yourself - or others

Does learning NLP involve lots of study?

NLP is not an intellectual process. On the contrary NLP is very behavioural. It is about what you do with what you know rather than with what you know.

For example, you can do the entire 20 day NLP Practitioner Certification Training without reading any books on the subject other than the training manual. However becoming skilful with NLP does require lots of practise. And you can do this in your everyday activities and interactions with friends and colleagues.

Is it necessary to attend a 'Practitioner' training course?

No. You can obtain lots of benefit from attending a shorter training such as  NLP Core Skills as long as you recognise that merely attending is not enough - you also have to practise what you learn.

At an introductory workshop you learn techniques and you practise them. This is useful and interesting but if you want to gain maximum value from attending determine that you will devote a few minutes daily to applying what you have learned.

Has it been scientifically validated?

No, nor does NLP make any claims to be scientific or to be based on studies that compare the average behaviour of one group with the average behaviour of another.

NLP is a model of what works in individual performance. It is based on the working principle that if one person can do something then, given similar physical characteristics, anyone else can learn to do the same by modelling and integrating into their own repertoire the skills and attitude of the successful person.

While this working principle may or may not be literally true it leads to some quite remarkable improvements in personal performance.

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More information about NLP: Neuro-linguistic programming




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