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What is Cancer?

Each part of our body is built of cells just like how a house is built of bricks . Each part has its own kind of cell, so that our lungs are made of lung cells, our kidney from kidney cells and so on. In the normal course the uniform and orderly growth of our cells result in our body growth. Cancer occurs when healthy cells begin to grow out of control.

Fact about Cancer

Hundreds of thousands of people develop cancer every year. Yet in spite of this, the picture is far from gloomy. Many years ago nearly all cancers were incurable. Today, many cancers can be completely cured if caught at an early stage.

Common causes of Cancer ?

Tobacco ( in any form - smoking , chewing, etc.,)


Ionising radiation

Genetic factors

Dietary factors, etc.,

How does Cancer grow?

Initiation - caused by genetic change (mutation),

Promotion to a primary Progression

. Angiogenesis and

. Metastases.

Cancer - the challenge

One need not completely change their life style to avoid cancer. Small alterations in a way could reduce the chances of developing cancer. Research has shown that over 10 million men could avoid cancer each year by giving up smoking, eating more fruit and vegetables and exercising regularly.

Some symptoms of Cancer

C - change in bowel habits

A - a sore that does not heal

U - unusual discharge or bleeding

T - thickening or formation of lumps in any part of the body

I - indigestion or difficulty in swallowing

O - obvious change in mole or wart

N - nagging cough or hoarseness in voice.

all the above are commonly found simple symptoms, one has to consult a specialist if any of the above symptoms re-occur and persist for a longer period of time.

How can we prevent Cancer?

* Abstinence from tobacco

* Balanced diet

* Personal hygiene

* Vaccines

Myths about Cancer

Although cancer is serious, many people become unnecessarily afraid
of this disease because they think it's incurable. This just
isn't true. Understanding more about cancer helps remove some
of the fear - and teaches us how to help prevent it. Here are
some common misunderstandings:

Cancer is Always Fatal

It's not. More than 50 per cent of cancers can be successfully treated. For some cancers, the success rate is very high. Rates
for survival of childhood cancer are increasing, with 75 per cent
of children surviving childhood cancer. It's important to remember
that cancer is more likely to be treated successful if it's detected

Cancer is Contagious

Some people worry that they can catch cancer from other people,
especially if the cancer is around the genital area (eg cervical
cancer in women or testicular and prostate cancer in men). But
this isn't true. Cancer isn't a disease that is transmitted to
other people.

Cancer is hereditary

Not all cancers are hereditary

Normal life is not possible after cancer

Normal life is very much possible after caner ( Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France cycle race twice, after undergoing treatment for cancer).

Cancer Can be Caused by an Injury or a Blow to the Body.

Women are sometimes concerned that a hit to the breast can cause
cancer, for instance. However there is no evidence that his
is true. But sometimes a blow to part of the body makes you more
aware of that area and therefore more likely to notice an unusual
symptom such as a lump or a mark.

Cancer is a punishment for something you have done wrong.

This is quite untrue. Nor is it true that thinking, reading or
talking about cancer can cause the disease.

 ( Courtesy: Adayar Cancer Institute : )

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